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Review: AVerMedia AVerTV Studio

Posted on 30 January 2004 by

planetjay posted a quickie review of the AVerMedia AVerTV Studio. I don’t want to totally give pj’s review of the AverTV Studio away, but… It’s the first review I’ve seen with “smokes cock” in the text…

Reminder: You don’t have to be part of BYOPVR’s illustrious staff to write a product review… and as you can see we could use your reader contribution

Yet another slashdot story on PVRs

Posted on 23 January 2004 by

There’s a story on SlashDot about Building Your Own Personal Video Recorder. Check it out.

Gallery updated. More PVR pictures online!

Posted on 20 January 2004 by

I just updated my Gallery at and added 12 more pictures of the PVR. You can click HERE to see them.

Added was a USB keyboard enocoder hack to drive the buttons on the front panel. I also added an IR input so that I can use a different remote.


Build a Homebrew Infrared Receiver

Posted on 16 January 2004 by

found an article on Build a Homebrew Infrared Receiver for VIA EPIA M-series mainboard over at VIA Arena

Most of you probably won’t want to breadboard your own, but for those of us EE electronics geeks it’s interesting. Hell it’s interesting just to see different approaches to the whole remote control issue (you weren’t going to just use a RF wireless mouse/keyboard with your DIY PVR were you?! For shame!)

A Website Dedicated to mini-itx – with case reviews

Posted on 15 January 2004 by

This is a site I stumbled across that covers a lot of things Mini-ITX, including some good case reviews. Lots of pics of stuff. Also a good many project examples.

website is EPIA Center

Review of VIA EPIA M10000 platform

Posted on 15 January 2004 by

VIA’s EPIA-M10000 platform A viable pint-sized home theater platform? It’s a little old (5/27/2003) but it’s new to me so… =P Anyways at the least it’s a good primer/info for those not familiar with this little DIY PVR workhorse. *shrug*

Here’s another review of the m10000 by whining dog

More tidbits on Tivo to Go

Posted on 12 January 2004 by

Cory at boingboing thinks TiVo’s new PC-viewing deliberately broken He has some interesting points that reaffirm some reasons why building your own remains a useful idea. If you missed it Tivo to Go Press Release (or just look a story down or two =P)

Found via 90% crud

TiVo to Add DVD burning Xfer to PC option

Posted on 09 January 2004 by

PC World Article:TiVo Cozies Up to PCs, Satellite… | … Slashdot Article

One of the cooler things about the DIY systems is in the inclusion of a DVD burner and portability/flexibility of moving content to/from different PC’s. Seems like TiVo is starting to *get* it… but it’s my understanding ReplayTV has had the transfer to PC functionality for sometime now (and you don’t need some 100 dollar “media kit” to do it)

Bah! still rather build my own… or wait for that fancy PlaystationX home media option that’s going like hotcakes in japan.

New Review: Creative Labs Digital VCR

Posted on 09 January 2004 by

Thanks to Drake for submitting our first review to our Review Section. ( Don’t you feel left out? Submit your Review of PVR Hardware/Software/etc )

anyways without further review Drake’s Review of the Creative Labs Digital VCR

Article – Build It: Rolling Your Own “Tivo”

Posted on 08 January 2004 by

StickC over at BYOAC suggested these Extreme Tech Articles (thanks!): Build It: Rolling Your Own “Tivo”

Build It: Extreme Personal Video Recorder

Building a Home Theater PC, Part I (older article)

I also suggest:
news article build your own tivo | wired article | oreilly article