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TiVo sues EchoStar over DVR features

Posted on 07 January 2004 by

In other news pot suing kettle for being black… TiVo sues EchoStar over DVR features… as found on Slashdot (and yes, i’m on slashdot alot…)

VIA/Apex Gaming Console

Posted on 07 January 2004 by

ooooh this looks way cool. VIA/Apex Gaming Console sneak preview If this has a PCI slot and is “hackable” could be an awesome way to cheaply get the basis of DIY PVR for like 300 beans or so.

ReplayTV angers customers with Price Drop shennanigans

Posted on 07 January 2004 by

Looks like ReplayTV customers who purchased their units after December 17th for 150 dollars expecting to have 3 years of service included (after all that’s what the sticker on the box and documentation inside said) will get their wish.

ReplayTV is going to do the “right” thing and honor the deal because,”they want to have happy customers, satisfied customers. (they should have thought of that before these shennanigans started…) San Francisco Chronicle Article: ReplayTV placates irate new customers

Not familiar with what the hubub is about? Fat Wallet thread on replayTV “deal” | Gripeline Blog: A Christmas Surprise From ReplayTV: Service Charges | Slashdot Article

Ask Slashdot Article on building low cost PVR

Posted on 07 January 2004 by

The venerable geek site Slashdot has posted an Ask Slashdot article asking Building A Low-Budget TiVo Substitute?

“thepuma writes “Since I’m cheap, and don’t want to pay monthly fees to Tivo, I am researching building my own low-budget Personal Video Recorder and player. Free software options include Freevo and MythTV. Hardware options are the main cost factor. How would you go about building the perfect low-budget PVR?” We’ve looked at similar questions before, but the guts of such a system (both hardware and software) have been improving — MythTV, for instance, now supports Hauppauge’s PVR-350 card. How would you build a system like this now?”


Build Your Own Personal Video Recorder Site Launch!

Posted on 03 January 2004 by sam

Frist Post! =) Lots of content, links to news articles about PVR/HTPC, etc coming soon!

BYOPVR is meant to be a community driven discussion for building your own PVR (think Tivo without a recurring subscription). Anything from mini itx, case modding, svideo vs component, to which software is most advanced is fair game.

The BYOPVR message board / discussion forum is where all the action/interaction is, but news, reviews, FAQS, and cool PVR links will reside out here on the ‘main’ page. Happy building!