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Review: Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350

Review: Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350

Posted on 28 March 2004 by

I bet you thought it would never get finished, but it has arrived. Hauppauge WinTV PVR350 Review

The Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350 combines powerful hardware encoding/decoding with TV tuning to create an all in one PVR solution.

From the WinTV PVR350 data sheet:

    TV and video recorder with hardware MPEG encoder
    and decoder plus FM radio!

    Turn your PC into a Digital TV recorder

    Watch and record your TV shows with
    instant replay and program pause

    Watch your TV recordings on your PC screen or TV set

    Burn your home videos and favorite TV shows
    onto CD-ROM or DVD* and play them on your home DVD player

    Includes hi-performance hardware MPEG-2 encoder
    and hardware MPEG-2 decoder!

On the box it sure looks like a winner, but does it past muster for the BYOPVR staff? Read on to find out

Aussie Set-Top MythTV based Box

Posted on 26 March 2004 by

As seen on slashdot article: Australian based ready made PVR Home Media Center based on MythTV. Someone took a closer look and has some “hacks” for it already.

Hauppauge Website Redesign

Posted on 26 March 2004 by

You know how much we love Hauppauge… So we want to be the first to tell you that Hauppauge has totally redesigned their website. Check it out here.

Can you tell Rampy is out of town and left me in charge again? 🙂

Commercials on TiVo?

Posted on 25 March 2004 by

There’s a story on Slashdot about TiVo adding commercials to their PVR. Sounds like they’re passive for now, requiring you to click into them via an icon that pops over a TV program. How long can it be before they just put ads on the guides and stuff just like Cox Cable does? Be sure to read the CNet story too.

I guess they don’t quite get it. More than 50% of people using the TiVo to skip commericals. Why would people want MORE?

Upcoming Reviews: WinTV PVR 350, VIA M10000

Posted on 22 March 2004 by

Just a quick update to let you know that the Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350 review is almost ready and hope to have it posted soon (shooting for this weekend).

We have a VIA EPIA M10000 coming in to review, and are trying to get our hands on some small-ish form factor cases to evaluate with it.

We were looking to do an MII review but they are hard to get right now. I assume Nano-itx boards will be even harder to get, initially. VIA just launched the nano-itx n-sereis at CEBIT (BBC coverage (scroll to bottom) | mini-itx’s nanode case built around n-series | VIA press release | another article | /. )

Tivo will die?

Posted on 19 March 2004 by

Yahoo/Ziff Davis article Tivo will die. Found via Slashdot

*shrug* Tivo has well over a million subscribers and has that Apple-esque cachet with consumers that engenders loyalty. The article doesn’t really consider that Tivo is not necessarily standing still with its offerings and is developing features (hardware and software) to keep their brand at the forefront of the commercial PVR marketplace. I do think that it will be the cable companies bundling of PVR services/features into their digital cable set top boxes that could ultimately gouge Tivo’s future market share (but not for the signal degredation reasons the article listed)

What do you think?

ChrisTV: New PVR Software for Windows

Posted on 18 March 2004 by

New (to me anyways) windows based PVR Software: ChrisTV. The support for the Hauppauge card’s is lacking from what I gathered from the user forums, but it claims to support any TV tuner card that has WDM drivers available.

I looks like it has some interesting features, but I wasn’t overwhelmed. From the screenshots it appears that the gui is almost like a more “modern” looking WinTV2000-esque application. Regardless, it’s nice to have more software options available. It is a shareware, but the cost is a reasonably 25 – 35 USD depending on the package.

Google AdSense “referral” Program Review

Posted on 16 March 2004 by

I put together an article documenting my experiences so far with the Google AdSense “affiliate/referral” program: I’ve been frustrated with all sorts of these supposedly revenue generating programs before (*cough* Lycos *cough* All Advantage *cough*). I almost didn’t try AdSense because of all those bad experiences with affiliate and referral programs in the past. How did Google’s AdSense program stack up? Read my Google AdSense Program Review/Overview to find out!

I know it’s not directly byopvr related, but I needed a place to put it =) I think my little overview (and helpful links) might be helpful to other people with small-ish to medium sized sites that could use some help offsetting hosting costs. It is worth a look if you aren’t familiar with the AdSense program or would like to know if it’s really any good.

New KnoppMyth R4V2 “CoCo3” Released

Posted on 16 March 2004 by

Though it was released on 2/7/2004, I was pleased to see an updated version of KnoppMyth. See the changelog. Choose your favorite mirror to download the ISO. Remember always read the docs.

Home Theater PC for Under $1000

Posted on 15 March 2004 by

The guys at HTPC News have a guide on how to create a home theater PC for under $1000. I like their suggestions for hardware (cases | motherboards | case fans | and the like). They focus on what you can buy on the cheap that is quiet, decent looking, and/or performing.