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Build Your Own PVR 101 (part 2)

Posted on 12 March 2004 by

I’ve posted part II of our beginner’s guide to homebrew PVR series Build Your Own PVR 101 (part 2). In case you missed it part 1 is right here… Stay on the lookout for part 3 “software”

Again feel free to make comments below or let me know if I ommited or mispoke on any points.

Build Your Own PVR 101 (part 1)

Posted on 12 March 2004 by

As you might have noticed I created a spot in the header/masthead to highlight articles or reviews on BYOPVR i.e. the latest and the greatest. The first BYOPVR article is Build Your Own PVR 101 (part 1). It is a very basic overview of what a PVR is, why it’s such a cool technology, and and some background as to why you’d want to go to the trouble of building your own (as opposed to buying a commercial settop box). Part 2 is coming soon with a basic overview of a few hypothetical approaches to building your own. Most of this is old hat to most of the regulars but it might be of interest to newcomers.

Think my writing style stinks? Did I mispell something? Technical inaccuracy? Post a reply below (or email me at rampy AT ) and I’ll correct it. Think you can do better? We gladly accept user contributed content. In the case of an article, just type it up as an email/word doc and send it to me or if it’s a product review submit it through the site’s review submission function (look at the main menu on the left nav)

PVR Related News Roundup: 400GB drives & DVD authoring

Posted on 12 March 2004 by

I should have called this Slashdot round up, but I digress (speaking of slashdot and digression… did I mention that one of my submissions made it to the slashdot frontpage? A True Banner Geek moment)

Ask Slashdot: DVD Authoring in linux is probably a very relevant discussion and gold mine of links for those of you using linux in your PVR’s.

Hitachi annouced a 400GB drive *whips out calculator* Phew you could store a lot of media on a 400GB drive. ( specs on the 400 gig drive | /. article )

Added Infared / Remote Control JP1 links

Posted on 10 March 2004 by

I went and added a bunch of links I ahem “borrowed” from planetjay’s site to our PVR Resources Directory You’ll notice on your left hand pane under the Latest Links section some of the more recent additions, but poke around the directory as there are many more new links.

Please note that if you come across a link that would be interesting to others in the Homebrew DIY PVR community to go ahead and add it to the directory.

Soyo SY-P4VAL Multimedia Ready Motherboard

Posted on 08 March 2004 by

Soyo SY-P4VAL Version M Multimedia Ready Motherboard was reviewed over at Extreme Mhz… apparently it’s a multimedia motherboard that doesn’t need an OS! It is able to handle your multimedia files via the system BIOS.

Article quote. “Well, the board features a new version M BIOS (“Direct ON”) which gives you access to multimedia functions without having to go through the whole boot up process. Sounds intriguing? Let’s have a closer look then…”

Found via Slashdot (where else?!)

Want More Control Over Your

Posted on 07 March 2004 by

Check out the JP1 forums. Apparently, if you are feeling adventurous, it’s possible to reprogram your remote via your PC (only works with these remotes – free reg. req.). Here’s a beginner’s guide, and some FAQ here, and some more info here. It’s possible to buy remotes with cables bundled together, too, to save you time.

If you’re like me, you have a home theater with different brand components, each with it’s own ugly remote. This seems like a solution to the problem of having 4-6 remotes on your coffee table AND not finding a ‘universal’ remote that truly emulates them all. Oh and here’s a solution to a related problem 🙂

AP Review of Snapstream “Beyond TV” PVR software

Posted on 07 March 2004 by

Associated Press Review of Snapstream’s Beyond TV 3 PVR software. I of course found this link via the venerable Slashdot article on the same topic.

I’ve been meaning to try the demo of SnapStream’s software with the PVR350, but have lost some interest (in the software) after learning that Beyond TV 3’s OSD/menus don’t appear on the PVR350’s TV out =(
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Fight For Fair Use Week

Posted on 02 March 2004 by

321 Studios the DMCA embattled makers of DVD XCopy is launching “Fight for Fair Use Week”. You can find more information about protection your fair use rights at the Protect Fair Use website.

Alot of what’s awesome about building your own PVR is what you can do with the program material after recording it. Crazy DRM schemes, locked out propietary PVR boxes, keep you from storying and using your media to the fullest potential of your fair use rights.

some news/pess coverage design technica article and apparently is being distributed/circulated as spam (I neve get cool spam =( )

Maxtor & Scientific Atlanta: 6 concurrent stream DVR

Posted on 01 March 2004 by

Maxtor & Scientific Atlanta: 6 concurrent stream next generation DVR announced… article/preview/speculation via the The Register

Recently I’ve been getting emails asking about recording 2 different programs at once, and ironically pj sent me the above link. Wow, 6 simultaneous “Streams” capable drives… although the article didn’t go into how multiple tuners or encoder will get cheaper or integrated…