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ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0

Posted on 30 April 2004 by

Via several news sources, ATI is bringing on the TV Wonder, USB style! With an MSRP of $150 w/ remote and $100 w/o remote…

Whoo hoo… I think… I’m not at all sure if this is a good thing (I don’t think there’s any hardware MPEG recording), but it’s a thing nevertheless…

FCC Enforces Firewire Enabled Cable Boxes

Posted on 29 April 2004 by

It seems that the FCC continues to “Fight for the Consumer” (editors note: when they aren’t too busy harrassing Stern or relaxing media conglomerate restrictions)and this time they make it easier to get HDTV from your cable box. In a blog from Gizmodo. It seems that cable companies are being forced by the FCC to add a firewire port to every cable box for every consumer that wants it (starting April 1st).

I was unable to verify the story, but if it’s true it might make HDTV PVRs easier to build. Read more for the text of the blog entry.
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New KnoppMyth Release 4 Version 3 “Fat Agnus”

Posted on 28 April 2004 by

New KnoppMyth Release 4V3 “Fat Agnus” changelog available here (or if you read more it will be in the body of this article)

If you aren’t in the know: KnoppMyth is an easier way to get into the Linux PVR/DVR HTPC scene if you are new to Linux. It’s a bootable ISO (cd image) based on the Knoppix Linux distribution (which in turn is based on Debian, right?) and has a nifty walktrough install for the OS, MythTV, and dependencies. Great for a Linux noob to get started with (or rank amateurs like me!).
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DVRs poised to change advertising culture

Posted on 28 April 2004 by

ArsTechnica has an article posted DVRs poised to change advertising culture that’s worth a quick read (it’s not very long). I wonder how DVR’s will effect the whole business model of TV/Cable… hmmm maybe it will go ala carte, and you’d just pay for the channels you actually watch and somehow those revenues would trickle down to those networks.

link found via random-abstract

Review of the WinTV-PVR USB2

Posted on 26 April 2004 by

HardOCP has a news item entitled PVR for Dummies which links to A Review of the WinTV-PVR USB2 over at Home Theater PC News.

I’m not going to give it away, but what they found is typical of every Hauppauge product I’ve ever owned.

New (to me) HTPC Software: Open HTPC

Posted on 26 April 2004 by

Stumbled upon Open HTPC while browsing the forums over at HTPC Forums

OpenHTPC is open source, currenly only a windows release but the author is aiming for portability to *nix machines. It’s an alpha release, but it’s always nice to see new open source entrants to the HTPC/PVR arena.

Planetjay’s journal updated: Hauppauge Nova-S Satellite card

Posted on 26 April 2004 by

planetjay is at it again. He’s cooking up some crazy DVB Free to Air Satellite PVR action with a hauppauge nova-s card in his latest Journal

some other interesting tidbits about his upcoming tivo hacking project… but I don’t want to give away the whole journal entry.

HDTV Tivo’s Shipping

Posted on 24 April 2004 by

As mentioned on Slashdot … posts on the Hughes (HR10-2350) HDTV Tivo in the tivocommunity forum as well as an initial impressions of the unit post

I don’t have a HDTV capable TV (as you’ve probably heard me mention ad nauseum in the forums) but based on the posts regarding HDTV capable DIY Tivo inquiries, there’s a lot of interest in HDTV DVRs in general.

Tivo: Attack of the Clones

Posted on 23 April 2004 by

AP article on Tivo clones as seen on the venerable

Unbranded cable company provided DVR’s are cutting into Tivo’s brandspace (think kleenex == tissue :: Tivo == DVR )

PCWorld: Step-By-Step: Turn Your PC Into a Personal Video Recorder

Posted on 13 April 2004 by

Step-By-Step: Turn Your PC Into a Personal Video Recorder from PCWorld.

Found via PVRBlog

It’s funny how we were just discussing step-by-step instructions in the forum and shortly there after there’s a glut of them. I’ll be adding this one to our growing DIY PVR article, resource, and link directory.