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Casetronic Travla C137 mini-itx case review

Casetronic Travla C137 mini-itx case review

Posted on 13 April 2004 by

I’ve received the Travla C137 review unit from Casetronic / Travla and will be starting a review of it shortly. I’m currently waiting on the arrival of VIA M10000 motherboard, before I can conduct the full review. It wouldn’t make much of a case review if I didn’t install a motherboard in it!

I’ll post my initial thoughts/impressions sans motherboard in the forum once I get a chance to poke around.

How to Build a Home Theater PC

Posted on 07 April 2004 by

We were recently discussing links to step by step and “how to’s” in the forum, and I happened to stumble upon this link over at Voided Warranty (what a great domain name!) it’s a good breakdown/article on what’s involved.

link found via the HTPC loving folks over at Random-Abstract

Netflix to offer Movie Downloads in 2005

Posted on 05 April 2004 by

Netflix to offer movie downloads as seen on Slashdot

Soap Opera on a Cell Phone

Posted on 05 April 2004 by

Not exactly PVR news, but it shows where the industry is heading. In this Yahoo/AFP article there is a soap opera in France specifically made for mobile phones.

Here is a quote:
The launch of TV’s first-ever soap for the tiny mobile phone screen might not suit everyone’s taste, but it is living proof that the TV and digital worlds are merging.

Note: rampy> I wonder when there will be putting HD’s into phones =) CellPod anyone?