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Homebrew’s MythTV on Slackware PVR350 HowTo

Posted on 28 May 2004 by

Homebrew was nice enough to update us on his progress with using MythTV on the Slackware Linux distro using PVR250 / PVR350.

Visit the MythTV on Slackware PVR350 HowTo thread for more info. He has some great tips on which IVTV drivers he has had the most success getting OSD/menu support through the PVR350’s tv out.

Good job homebrew!

xar256 also linked to a fedora core2 mythtv how to (fedora is redhat’s “free” iso distro as opposed to their retail server/workstation products) also of note the Wilsonnet mythtv guide. These will be added to the link directory.

I’ve mirrored the MythTV on Slackware PVR350 HowTo here.

New VIA mini-itx EPIA SP Announced (now with MPEG4 action!)

Posted on 28 May 2004 by

Linux Devices preview of Next-gen VIA mobo touts speed, security, MPEG-4

From Slashdot “The EPIA SP features a new graphics and memory controller hub (GMCH) supporting faster front-side bus (FSB), memory, and southbridge interconnect speeds. It also features a C3 processor clocked at 1.3GHz, integrated PadLock Hardware Security Suite, and MPEG-4 acceleration. “

PVR Links Round-up

Posted on 27 May 2004 by

– Experts Debate The Next Generation Of Broadband Enabled DVRs (Reg. maybe req.)
– Another dumbed down step-by-step guide to making your PC into a digital video recorder
– New MythTV release, version 0.15
– Detailed info on the next version of myHTPC (actually called Meedio)
– As seen on all other PVR related blogs… A new study discovers PVR watchers watch MORE commercials (contrary to most advertisers gut feelings/research)…

*in our best Jim Carry + Walter Cronkite impression* “And that’s the way the cookie crumbles…”

Review: Casetronic Travla C137 mini-itx case

Review: Casetronic Travla C137 mini-itx case

Posted on 20 May 2004 by

Our Review of the Casetronic Travla C137 mini-itx case is finally ready!

The Casetronic Travla C137 is certainly small, slim, and sexy, but how well designed and functional is it? We aim to put the C137 through it’s paces and see if it is worthy for your PVR project.

SageTV Version 2.0 Released

SageTV Version 2.0 Released

Posted on 13 May 2004 by

SageTV, one of the frontrunners in PVR technology, announced that version 2.0 is now released. Browse the features, download the trial, and if you you like it, buy it in their store.

Read more for features list.

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7 Tuner, 1 TerraByte Sony PVR

Posted on 11 May 2004 by

Sony unveils UberPVR PVR Blog coverage | Engadget coverage | Sony type X… more coverage via Tech Japan: 1TB + 7 tv tuners = type X and SlashDot

Only response I can thing of is OMFG?!

Firefly PC Remote Review

Posted on 10 May 2004 by

We have had several requests for good remotes in the forum, well it looks like we might have a candidate for a good HTPC/PVR remote. The Firefly PC Remote, made by Snapstream, is getting fairly high marks from this review at HTPCNews.

Snapstream is even offering a FREE Firefly remote giveaway here.

(read more to see V.A.’s round up …. er copy paste of the summary of an online review!)
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$88 PVR-250 MCEs again!

Posted on 09 May 2004 by

That guy on eBay is selling PVR-250 MCEs again. The bastard does it everytime I’m broke. Get ’em while their hot!

BBC pilots TV on Demand over Internet

Posted on 03 May 2004 by

BBC introduces flexible TV with online trial via Slashdot


“Later this month, the BBC will launch a pilot project that could lead to all television programmes being made available on the internet. Viewers will be able to scan an online guide and download any show. Programmes would be viewed on a computer screen or could be burned to a DVD and watched on a television set. Alternatively, programmes could be downloaded to a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)…”

User Example: Odonadon’s HTPC Project

Posted on 01 May 2004 by

Odonadon sent in a link to his Odonadon’s HTPC Project page

“Chronicles the development, trials and tribulations of my HTPC Project. After much success with my Arcade MAME cabinet project, it’s time to spice up the home theatre. Found on this page are many links, articles, and reviews I’ve found very helpful on my journey to built the ultimate Home Theatre.”

Don’t you wish your project was listed in our project example link database? Add your link today Note: You can add any relevant link that’s not in the database already, don’t be shy! (don’t have a project web page? Start a user journal of your progress)

Welcome Odonadon, and thanks for the link submission!