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HDTV on PC over Firewire Software

Posted on 27 June 2004 by

BYOPVR’er dagrainger astutely noted this neat announcement regarding the holy grail of getting DV/HDTV content off the settop boxes and onto your PC using firewire.

Vividlogic, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of FireBus™ DTV Recorder Version 1.0. This software allows you to record and playback DTV movies (HD and SD Unencrypted movies/content only) using the PC you already own.
FireBus™ DTV Recorder Version 1.0 may be downloaded from the following URL: Here

The software allows evaluation for a period of 30 days from the date of installation. During the evaluation period, you can record HD/SD contents in the clear for a duration of 30 minutes only. If you like the software, you may purchase the full version from and activate it.

# Record MPEG-2 (HD & SD) content* from your DTV or DSTB to your PC over IEEE 1394 interface
# Record and play individual movies from the PC
# Self-configuring software identifies your PC as a storage device to the DTV.
# The PC can be configured to act as a Digital VCR or AVHDD upon startup.
# DTV recorder operates in the background and frees up the PC for simultaneous use. Less than 5% of the CPU is consumed when the PC is simultaneously recording and playing.
# Compressed video is captured from the DTV and stored to your PC. No need for expensive decoders or encoders on the PC.
# By using the DTV remote control, recorded movies (MPEG-2) on the PC can be played back to DTV with ability to stop, pause, fast-forward and fast rewind video on most DTVs with integrated tuners.
# Time Shift Viewing allows movies to be viewed from the beginning while recording is still in progress.
# Movies recorded on the PC can be burnt onto a DVD or CD.

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Snapstream Announces Spotlight Firefly Remote Software

Snapstream Announces Spotlight Firefly Remote Software

Posted on 25 June 2004 by

SnapStream Spotlight gives Firefly PC Remote users instant remote control access to a number of online premium content services, such as Napster, CinemaNow and NewsGator, and lets users enjoy these services in a living room setting.

Firefly PC Remote is a universal remote control for the PC that works with more than 80 applications. It allows users to remote control their music, photos, videos and more on their PCs in a living room setting.

We’re going to be reviewing Snapstream’s Firefly PC remote, and BeyondTV3 software pretty soon. In the meantime you can read more for the press release regarding Spotlight and Firefly.

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Review: VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-Itx

Review: VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-Itx

Posted on 23 June 2004 by

We’ve finally posted our long awaited VIA EPIA M10000 Review where we breakdown the benefits and pratfalls of using the M10K in a HTPC / DIY PVR setting. Official VIA EPIA M10000 page | Our Review Section | ( don’t be left out, you can submit User Reviews of products too! )

This mighty small all-in-one motherboard is certainly feature rich, but is it powerful enough to be an HTPC/PVR? Read on…

ATI HDTV Wonder Review

Posted on 22 June 2004 by

ExtremeTech has a lengthy review of ATI’s HDTV capture card, called HDTV Wonder. The review is quite detailed, and would be a good read for those wanting to get into the HDTV PVR. I’m not sure which frontend software will interface with this tuner card, but ExtremeTech was able to accomplish most PVR tasks using the software that came with the card.

Please read more for ExtremeTech’s conclusion…

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Torrentocracy = RSS + Bit Torrent + Your TV

Posted on 21 June 2004 by

Slashdot article Torrentocracy = RSS + Bit Torrent + Your TV. Torrentocracy is a MythTV “plugin” that uses bittorrent aggregation sites RSS feeds.

For the unititiated BitTorrent is a very cool decentralized P2P system that supports getting different parts of a file from different sources concurrently which makes for speedy downloads for popular files.

RSS (real simple syndication) is a method of syndicating/parsing site content easily. For example we use RSS to get the latest stories from Matt’s PVRBlog automagically (look on your left under main menu/login) from his XML/RSS feed. You can even syndicate BYOPVR via our RSS feed

Recently someone combined the two memes to make a great way of distributing the bittorrent seeds (how each file/node is identified kinda like kazaa/edonkey hashes… sorta)

This new MythTV plugin torrentocracy allows you to surf for the latest filez/torrents out there and initiate a download with a flick of your remote. How cool is that? Not that I advocate distribution of copyrighted material, but one can see how having bit torrent potential so close to your collection of PVR’d programming could lead to a “mesh” network of programming between peoples MythTV boxen… That’d be mighty cool homebrew on demand TV =)

Pinnacle systems Updates ShowCenter digital Media Receiver with PVR facilities

Posted on 17 June 2004 by

As seen on Pocket-lint

Pinnacle Systems today announced that Version 1.5 of their ShowCenter software will have capabilities. Full story is here.

The Pinnacle Systems ShowCenter is here.

e.Digital and Fusion Announce New Portable PVR (pPVR)

Posted on 17 June 2004 by

As seen on Media Workstation

e.Digital Corp. and Fusion Digital Technology Ltd recently announced the world’s first portable PVR. Full story is here.

Press release from e.Digital Corp is here.

Press release from Fusion Digital Technology Ltd is here.

HDTV / TiVo Combos Pricey

Posted on 17 June 2004 by

Hartford Courant (by way of Orange County Register) article: HDTV / TiVo Combos Pricey (and are hard to get)

Seems like the perfect device to “tape” Lord of The Rings in HDTV on WB although you won’t be able to edit out the commercials =) I think this is one area, if the DIY community can get enough good hardware in it’s hands can really surpass the commercial set top boxes. In fact it might be vital. Thankfully for my bank account HDTV/digital TV has been sluggishly adopted, but I look forward to when it’s ubiquitous.

Playstation PVR

Posted on 16 June 2004 by

As seen on The Register

According to the article Sony has announced the newest in the PVR/PSX2 lineup. New is the ability to burn a DVD of PVRed content. Release date is July 1st for Japan of course. Europe by end of year. And the US? Probably never. I’m dissapointed that it’s not black. I think it sets some record for most logos (DVD, PSX2, etc.) on one device. 🙂

Anyway check it out here.

Slashdot coverage
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New Site Sponsors

Posted on 15 June 2004 by

I’m happy to announce the addition of two new sponsors to the BYOPVR family. PC Alchemy and SageTV.

Without their support it would be difficult/impossible to keep the dedicated server we are on running. Both SageTV and PC Alchemy are committed to helping BYOPVR and the greater PVR/HTPC community grow and serve this community’s needs.

PC Alchemy has the best prices I’ve seen on a lot of the HTPC / PVR gear out there (feel free to do your research first on froogle / pricewatch though) and my discussions with friendly folks at PCAlchemy lead me to believe they are going to continue to add more and more exciting HTPC / DIY PVR products to their catalog.

I’m absolutely smitten with SageTV‘s support of the Hauppauge WinTV PVR350‘s TV out (including OSD/menus!!!). A review of the latest version of SageTV is currently brewing.

I do want to assure everyone that we only accept advertising from partners we trust, and do not intend to increase the number of ads beyond what you see currently. I don’t want the site to become a pimped out, flashing, ad-whore metropolis, nextel cup nascar paintjob. I made a concerted effort to pare down other ads (like the amazon ads that were up to offset the inclusion of the new ads)

I’d also like to take the time to re-iterate that advertisers or manufacturers do not influence our reviews or rankings. We strive hard to maintain our integrity here at byopvr. Our main goal is to continue to grow this awesome DIY PVR / HTPC community. Our secondary goal is to play with lots of neat stuff and tell you what works and what doesn’t. =) The site is about you and your projects and the sharing of ideas and information that makes for a better project experience.

rampy out!