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MediaPortal Update

Posted on 15 June 2004 by

It seems that MediaPortal is making progress in leaps and bounds. If the following news update (found on MediaPortal’s website) is true, then it looks like the MediaPortal folks are breaking new ground:

XBMC-er made some amazing progress. He managed to get VMR9 (Video Mixing Renderer 9) to work in MediaPortal. VMR9 is part of DirectShow and can be used for mixing multiple video streams & graphics. Sad thing is that Microsoft decided to make VMR9 only available for C++ applications. MediaPortal is written in C# and thus we could not use it. XBMC-er just didnt wanted to accept that and now he’s the first person who got it to work with C#. So what you expect from this in Mediaportal:

-transparency in the OSD
-scrolling information in the OSD
-Picture in Picture (pip)
-no flickering OSD anymore
Sample screenshot (notice the transparency)

Congratulations XBMC-er and the entire MediaPortal team!

ECS EZ-Bundle 2

Posted on 14 June 2004 by

As seen on Gizmodo, Tech Digest article on The ECS EZ-Bundle 2: The PC that thinks it’s a HiFi

I’ve seen a simliar product from MSI Mega HTPC form factor. Pretty cool stuff.

Media Portal Site Redesign

Posted on 11 June 2004 by

The Media Portal web site has been reengineered and redesigned.

Among other things, there are new screenshots, a features list, and downloads via sourceforge.

I’m excited to see where this project goes, and am hoping this will be the winner of the OSS on Windows.

Downtime, Downtime, what you gonna do?

Posted on 11 June 2004 by

Hey everybody. I’d like to apologize profusely for the downtime. Ironically we survived a slashdotting without much of a hitch, but a glitch with our dedicated server provider (1and1) let some other box hijack our IP address (the noirve!) That is why you arrived at a default Red Hat/Apache page for the last few hours. We were NOT r00ted, DMCA’d, lawyered, hacked, exceeded bandwith allotment, or anythign else of that nature. Just a very unfortunate and untimely network/routing issue.

I’m working very hard to make this site/community better (as are our other admins pj, and VA). Our server and provider *should* be rock solid, and I can only hope that this was an abberation. I thank the visitors and regulars for their patience during this wonderfuly hectic week at byopvr. We have lots of cool stuff coming up for your infotainment including reviews, giveaways, articles, and natalie portman…

*whisper whisper whisper*

Uh… scratch that. There will be NO natalie portman. Carry on. =)

rampy —> out

VIA EPIA Mini – ITX M-10000 REV.B Motherboard Review

Posted on 10 June 2004 by

While poking around on [H]ard|OCP I found a link to a review on Tech-Mods for the VIA EPIA Mini – ITX M-10000 REV.B Motherboard.

Worth a read if you’re building a small PVR.

Building the Personal Video Recorder

Posted on 10 June 2004 by

A new article has been posted on my site about Building Your Own PVR. The story entitled “Building the Personal Video Recorder” “A Mini-ITX based PC in an old Satellite Receiver’s case”, details some of the steps involved in building my quest to build a TiVo-like device. See for more info.

Welcome: “Step aside Tivo, Here comes Freevo”

Posted on 08 June 2004 by

I’m happy to welcome the influx of new visitors who found the site via the “Step aside TiVo, here comes Freevo ” Reuters story CNN Money | Yahoo News | etc.

I’m very sorry that our modest hosting buckled under the strain. Ironically I was in the middle of moving the site to a new dedicated server to better cope with the growing interest in the site, when this hit the fan. We are now on that dedicated server, and it seems to be holding up fine (*knocks on wood*) I’m a little afraid this article will end up on slashdot then the site will really be toast.

Be sure to browse or post in the forum, check out our homebrew pvr related reviews, or browse our collection of related links

UPDATE 9:19pm ET: we’ve been blessed (and cursed, j/k) to also be linked from matt’s PVRblog which is quite the honor. (looks like his site is getting hammered too, oy vey!) I’ve stripped down some of the block to help ease the database congestion. Once we get over this initial swell of everyone coming at the exact same moment the site will return to normal (and i’ll have a chance to implement some performance/scaling improvements) — rampy out

UPDATE 9:48 — from the kicking me while I’m down department We’re being Slashdot’ed on top of the yahoo/CNN and matt pvrblogs traffic. No mas! No Mas! =) Glad to see the site get so much attention (but in one day?!) so that we can grow our home brew tivo community.

Cringely Talks Hauppauge MediaMVP & Linux Device Hacking

Posted on 04 June 2004 by sam

I, Cringely column discussing MediaMVP Hacking etc… The article is mostly about linux and embedded device hacking (the good kind) to expand functionality/use of a consumer product.

Of course I’d be remiss if i didn’t point out 2n’s Review of the Hauppauge MediaMVP. I’m eagerly awaiting an update as 2n’s done some cools stuff with GB-PVR in conjunction with the Media MVP and a WinTV PVR 250. I believe you can find a lot of info on doing cool stuff with a MediaMVP (and pvr250/350’s for that matter) from SHS’s Unofficial MediaMVP WinPVR 250/350 site/resource (check it out, it’s a cool site).

Read more for a Cringely exerpt:

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MythPhone is Now Ready for Public Consumption

Posted on 03 June 2004 by

Via a post in the HTPCnews forum, MythPhone has been released to the public. MythPhone is a plugin for MythTV that provides for phone and video calls to be made using a standard SIP protocol. It’s not completed yet, but it is usable. Now you don’t need a Tivo, MP3 player, DVD player, or a telephone

Features of MythPhone includes:
* Contact database for click-dialling
* Voice calls at G.711 20ms
* Video calls at H.263
* Pan and Zoom for video calls, useful if your web-cam captures at a higher resolution than you transmit
* Voicemail
* Send/receive DTMF
* VXML scripting with Text-To-Speech engine allows you to call in and hear the TV Guide / set recording etc
* Full screen video
* Call history
* Popup whilst watching TV shows a call is coming in; though currently you have to navigate to mythphone to answer it.
* NAT and Firewall handling

Visit the site for more information on MythPhone

New MythTV Forum: MythTV Talk

Posted on 01 June 2004 by

Coume (a guest user in our forum) posted about his new MythTV forum/discussion board: MythTV Talk Of course everyone is free to ask questions in our forum here, but I tip my hat to the guy for adding another resource to the DIY PVR/HTPC community (the more resources out there the merrier).

Other MythTV resources: –> Archive of MythTV mailing list, homebrew’s MythTV on Slackware Guide, and the MythTV Unofficial User Support Group is another newish forum that’s sprung up.

One last quick note: There’s been a minor bugfix update to MythTV .15 (read more for text of the update)

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