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How To: Paint an Aluminum Case

How To: Paint an Aluminum Case

Posted on 30 July 2004 by

An easy guide to painting your aluminum case, using spraypaint and primer, and miscellany that you should have in your garage for about $10-$20 and probably about a day or less worth of work.

Read more! ( thanks to thylacine222 for submitting the article… you too can submit news tidbits or howto’s )

note–> update–> added some pics of the case
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iPod as a Universal Remote

Posted on 29 July 2004 by

In one of the most interesting projects I’ve seen in a while, the “How-To Turn your iPod in to a Universal Infrared Remote Control” project is quite exciting.

Here is the project description: This week’s How-To is a fun one, we take an iPod and turn it in to a universal infrared remote control which can be used to control all your home electronic equipment, or just about anything that uses a remote control, for example in our place we have our iPod controlling our TV, DVD Player, Direct TV, Ultimate TV PVR, Media Center PC, Xbox, XM Satellite Radio, Roomba and a few other random things like a Robot.

How is this possible?

Either read the article, or read more for high-level info…
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Lots of TiVo, DVRs News and Even DVR Down Under

Posted on 28 July 2004 by

Hello to all the folks visiting from the wired article DVR’s endangered by way of the EFF Broadcast Flag: DTV Liberation Movement page.

In other TiVo/PVR related news:

In more mundane site news… I made a change to cookie duration length, so if you were having sporadic anonymous posting issues (and you’re a registered user) try logging out and then back in… and let me know if it helps or not.

WinTV PVR USB Giveaway Winner & Link Roundup

Posted on 26 July 2004 by

Congratulations to jtlbean! He was randomly selected to receive a Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB courtesy of pcalchemy. We’ll be giving away another WinTV PVR USB pretty soon, so keep your eyes peeled ( or our page refreshed ) =P

Some links of interest to keep you busy till the next giveaway:

Phew, I think that’s it for now =) If I missed a news tidbit you can bring it to our attention here

Building a PVR in 3 Or So Steps for About $200

Posted on 25 July 2004 by

2n put together an article describing his “Thrifty PVR” setup called, “Building a PVR in 3 Or So Steps for About $200

2n wanted to prove you didn’t necessarily need a sexy mini-itx case and gobs of money to make a useable homebrew PVR, and much to my chagrin I think he’s done it! =)

Read on to see what his “Thrifty Personal Video Recorder” is made of.

Friday Roundup: Giveaway Reminder, HDTV PVR, User Submission

Friday Roundup: Giveaway Reminder, HDTV PVR, User Submission

Posted on 23 July 2004 by

First a reminder: You have till Sunday Midnight (ET) to enter the PCAlchemy sponsored Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB giveaway

In other news: Stephen York was nice enough to Submit a user review of his 200 MythTV powered PVR Media PC Thanks Stephen!

The EFF’s Broadcast Flag page has added a High-Definition Personal Video Recorder Cookbook section. It’s a good overview at least. Real HDTV PVR wonks will want to check out this post HDTV Card Buyer’s Guide on AVS forum

Also of note Meedio aka myHTPC version 2 will be going on sale Tuesday July 27. Note if you register on their forums prior to the date you should recieve a $20 off coupon for Meedio Essentials or $30 off the Meedio Essentials + Meedio TV bundle. Plus there will be a draw for all registered users of’s forum for one of 5 Meedio Essentials packs — thanks for the heads up xar256

TiVo’s Plans Lead to Copyright Fight With MPAA & NFL

Posted on 22 July 2004 by

From Slashdot: TiVo’s plans lead to copyright fight vs MPAA and NFL over Tivo’s sharing of content with PC’s functionality.

From the MSNBC/Washington Post article:
“Hollywood studios and the National Football League are seeking to block the maker of the popular TiVo television recorder from expanding its service so that users could watch copies of shows and movies on devices outside their homes.”

WinTV PVR USB Giveaway: PCAlchemy

WinTV PVR USB Giveaway: PCAlchemy

Posted on 20 July 2004 by

We are proud to announce our first giveaway, thanks to the generous support of PCAlchemy

The lucky randomly chosen recipient will get a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB Model 881 shipped directly from PCAlchemy to you!

To enter the giveaway:

1. Visit the WinTV-PVR-250MCE PCAlchemy page
2. Find the 19th word in the 2nd paragraph (HINT it’s a combination of letters and numbers). This is the “code word”.
3. Send a private message to byopvr user giveaway. Include the “code word”, and a valid email address (to contact the winner only).

The giveaway is open to registered users in the continental US and Canada only, please only ONE submission per person. The giveaway ends this Sunday July 25th, 2004 12:00 (midnight) Eastern time. The winner will be determined by random drawing on the next day.

Thanks again to for sponsoring the giveaway!

NOTE: this giveaway has concluded, thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to jtlbean! Be on the look out for future giveways!
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PVR Software/Hardware for the Mac

Posted on 14 July 2004 by

As seen via a slashdot article, the company Elgato has a line of products called EyeTV.

Elgato’s series of EyeTV products lets you watch, record, timeshift, edit and archive TV on your Mac. EyeTV offers digital video recording solutions for analog and digital television, tailored to meet your needs, Elgato has an EyeTV to fit your Mac

This is great news for Mac users (I know there are some folks in the forums that has been asking for a Mac solution). As if an analog PVR hardware/software solution for Mac’s isn’t good enough Elgato has the EyeTV 500 which handles HDTV.

Edit-> Quick note, the EyeTV 500 only does free over-the-air HDTV. That’s not as good as I thought, but still good.

SageTV 2.0 Review

SageTV 2.0 Review

Posted on 13 July 2004 by

The long awaited review of Frey Technologies SageTV 2.0 windows PVR software is here!

I know what a lot of you are thinking about SageTV 2.0: “Why would anyone pay for PVR software when there is an abundance of solid free and open source PVR / HTPC software available?” There are many compelling reasons to choose a free and/or open source PVR solution, and being the cheap bastard that I am really hadn’t given SageTV much thought. That is until I heard a rumor that the beta of SageTV2.0 supported menus/OSD through the Hauppauge WinTV PVR350’s TV out (you can read my review of the PVR350 for the full skinny on why this is so important). When SageTV 2.0 went out of beta and was available publicly as a 15-day trial I gave it a shot. I was so blown away I had to get my copy registered to continue to use it after my trial expired.

That’s right; Captain Frugal of the USS Cheapo is using commercial PVR software… Read on to find out why the change in heart.