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Building a Killer HTPC One Step at a Time

Posted on 12 July 2004 by has a running article on Building a Killer HTPC One Step at a Time

Tim Morris did a good job laying out the different things you should consider and provides links to different resources (A link to here was noticeably absent, though!) =P

Look forward to watching his HTPC and follow up articles to see how he makes out.

Neat Retro 70's Era HiFi Case Mods

Neat Retro 70’s Era HiFi Case Mods

Posted on 11 July 2004 by

Bootleg Objects case mods look super sharp. via Boing Boing Too bad my favorite one is just a mock up and is nonfunctioning =(

PC World Howto: Make a Media Savvy PC

Posted on 10 July 2004 by

PC World Magazine article how to Make a Media-Savvy PC

Snippet from the article as I’m too tired to give you my own summary:

“Intrigued by the idea of using a computer to enjoy movies, music, and television, but unimpressed with the Media Center PCs from big-box vendors like Dell and Hewlett-Packard? Build your own.

True, Microsoft won’t sell you its Windows XP Media Center Edition operating system, which combines all of the features you want–TV (live and recorded), movies, music, and photos–with a single, slick interface (it ships only with complete systems). But you can tailor a media-savvy PC to your own specific requirements by using hand-picked components.”

Link Round Up…

Posted on 07 July 2004 by

  • HTPCNews has a few new reviews (SilenX PSU, LanParty Motherboard…)
  • Slashdot features an article about a couple of comparisons between TiVo and Windows MCE (comparisons can be found here and here).
  • Via Gizmodo, there is a blurb about fighting the broadcast flag with MythTV.
  • And, in honor of my seeing Spider Man 2 last night, here is a less-than-glowing review of the Spider Man 2 Video Game. What is the world coming to?!? (rampy sneeks in and posts Lego version of Spiderman 2 and you nitpickers can rejoice at the 30+ mistakes via
  • BYOPVR Featured in Metafilter and EFF’s site

    Posted on 07 July 2004 by

    This is probably only interesting to me, but we’ve been linked to from MetaFilter. I was pleasently surprised to see people post insightful comments as why one would build a PVR / HTPC in response to the “I can get a TiVo for 80 bucks on ebay why bother” comments.

    We were also recently featured in the EFF’s (Electronic Frontier Foundation) Digital Television Liberation Front! article (see side bar) discussion the impending implementation of the broadcast flag (and why it’s not cool).

    CPU Mag: Looking for the Perfect HTPC Case

    Posted on 02 July 2004 by

    Jobi pointed out in the forums this article from CPU Magazine Looking for the Perfect HTPC Case

    It’s not an exhaustive/definitive guide, but nice to see more HTPC coverage in mainstream/print media.

    Digital CableCARDS

    Posted on 01 July 2004 by

    In my Charter cable bill this month was this small print note:

    Important Information About Your Cable Service

    As of July 1, 2004, Charter Communications CableCARDS will be available for lease. A CableCARD is a new piece of equipment about the size of a credit card that allows you to see some,but not all cable channels, without using a set top box.

    CableCARDS do not allow you to receive advanced interactive digital cable services such as video-on-demand, on screen ordering of pay-per-view or the enhanced program guide. Additionally, CableCARDS must be used with a newer TV that supports CableCARD.

    CableCARDS may be leased from Charter for $1.50 per month. Customers who do not return their CableCARD after discontinuing service will be assessed a fee of $85. You may obtain more information about CableCARDS at or order a CableCARD by calling your local Customer Service number.

    I’m not sure where this is going to fit in, but I’ve got to hope it’s the first step to getting digital cable support into internal PCI cards for the PC… between this and FCC reg’s for firewire access there’s bound to be some clever PVR solutions/integration to come out of the wood work soon.