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ATI HDTV ‘Blunder’ Review

Posted on 31 August 2004 by

Extreme Tech has an updated review of the ATI HDTV Wonder. Apparently, they think it’s even worse than they originally determined.

Sounds like a card to avoid at all costs.

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Homegrown satellite radio software draws XM fire

Posted on 26 August 2004 by

Homegrown satellite radio software draws XM fire. The guy basically wrote a program to tape the satellite content he was missing when he was sleeping, timeshifting it for later listening. Then he started selling the TimeTrax software online, cease and desist letters ensued =(

And satellite radio had such promise to be all the things regular radio isn’t anymore (relevant and cool) *shakes head*

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New Sage User Community Site

Posted on 26 August 2004 by

Some SageTV users have banded together to make a community site dedicated to SageTV.

Besides being a place where anyone can contribute (via WIKI) to documentation and how to pages…it also serves as a repository for user contributed STV files. STV files are the key to advanced SageTV customization, and are presumably the output of the highly anticipated Sage Studio customization/skinning software.

Worlds First DVI-in Tuner:  MyHD MPD-120 Tuner

Worlds First DVI-in Tuner: MyHD MPD-120 Tuner

Posted on 26 August 2004 by

The world’s only DVI-In card, is out. (Actually, It’s been out since sometime in the second quarter of 2003).

It’s the MyHD MPD-120 Tuner with Daughterboard Combo manufactured by Macro Image Technology and is available at Digital Conection.

The new card, through a daughterboard, has a DVI-D input. However, It cannot record HD, it only acts as a pass-through (i.e. it can view the HD, but not record it.) This would allow for the Streamlining of HD Satellite and Cable boxes with PVRs.

In addition to viewing HD, it also functions as a normal TV tuner. The driver included is Windows only, but work is being done on a Linux driver.

Submitter’s Conclusion: It’s not perfect, but at least its a start for HD recording. (They better start making DVI-in before the brodcast flag takes effect!) It is a pricey stopgap solution costing over three times as much as regular tuner cards ( $350 with optional daughter card at DC )!

New GBPVR revision v0.20

Posted on 24 August 2004 by

I’m not sure how I missed this announcement from Friday, but found it via thanks to lowbrow.

GBPVR has been updated to version .20

You can read more about it in sub’s forum post or read more for a copy of the change log.

I’ve just uploaded the next release. You can download it from here (gbpvr download)

There isn’t really any new big flashy features in this release. Just lots of small fixes and tweaks. There is also the basis for multi-language support, which will please a few of our european friends.

You can just install this release over the last release, and it will retain most of your settings.

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BeyondTV 3.5 Beta – Adding Multi-Tuner support

Posted on 24 August 2004 by

AnandTech has a preview of the multi-tuner support coming in Snapstream’s BeyondTV 3.5.

AnandTech: Beyond TV 3.5 – Adding Multi-Tuner Support, a Quick Beta Look

Note: We’ve got a BTV 3 review coming out “soon” and will do a full review of BeyondTV 3.5 when it’s released, stay tuned =P

Hauppauge 2 Tuners in one card PVR500 Coming Soon?

Posted on 23 August 2004 by

SHSPVR has the scoop on Hauppauge’s upcoming offering of a multituner PCI tuner/encoder card designated the WinTV PVR500

Looks pretty cool and should make it easier to do multi tuner setups once the software supports comes along (and since it uses the same encoding chips as PVR250 I imagine it won’t take long). Very exciting stuff! I wanted a dual tuner setup for my M10K (which only has one PCI slot free (in my current config). Delivers the Tiniest Fanless PC Power Supply Ever Delivers the Tiniest Fanless PC Power Supply Ever

Posted on 21 August 2004 by has come up with an uber small and silent PW-120-M power supply for mini-itx motherboards (both the VIA EPIA variety and mini-itx P4 motherboards 3ghz and lower).

The power supply is of the DC-DC converter ilk, so some sort of laptop “brick” style AC adapter will be resident outside the case (unless you are making a car PVR!). But it’s amazing that they’ve shrunk down the components so that it just plugs in to the standard ATX molex plug and takes up less room than a business card (see “read more” for pic and copy of press release).

For size comparisons sake check out the DC-DC converter in our Travla c137 mini-itx case review. Imagine the size of the cases you could use with one of these, and not need an extra power supply fan! I think the case modders are going to have a field day with this power supply.

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Archos Pocket Video Recorder: TV To Go

Posted on 18 August 2004 by

ExtremeTech has a review of the Archos AV400 DVR. Among it’s notable features:

  • Records DivX and MPEG-4
  • Built in 3.5″ LCD display
  • 20GB to 100GB Models
  • S-VIdeo, composite video, audio
  • USB 2.0, Compact Flash Type I
  • Price $550 to $700
  • IR receiver/emitter for box control
  • episode Guide via Yahoo! TV

    Whew, interesting device, many more features . . .

  • Fusion III QAM HDTV Tuner Card Reviewed

    Posted on 18 August 2004 by

    AMDPower site (which is currently being slashdotted, have pity) is running a review of the Fusion III QAM HDTV Tuner Card manufactured by DVICO. The DVICO site is severly lacking in userful prodcut info on the Fusions III QAM HDTV Tuner and the sites that they list as US distributors doesn’t have much more info and is on pre-order.

    This card, *should* allow you to record your digital cable without the separate box, which would keep the signal chain digital, BUT more importantly would allow for HDTV content broadcast via digital cable to be PVR’ed natively. Previously HDTV tuner cards only did OTA (over the air) terrestial digital TV signals.

    I’m not sure how it works yet as I can’t get to the deeper pages in the review. Is it using a CableCard? Something else? Suffice to say I’m real excited about the prospects of this card.

    FALSE ALARM This card ONLY does unencrypted QAM/digital channels. I’m still very interested in the card and would like to review it, but I’m still looking for the holy grail PCI HDTV QAM capable card that perhaps uses CableCARDs for descrambling.

    More details to follow… and read more for part of the text of their review.

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