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Scientific Atlanta 8000 DVR Rant on Boing Boing

Posted on 16 August 2004 by

Mark Frauenfelder at the venerable Boing Boing posted a lengthy post on his fustrations with his Scientific-Atlanta 8000 DVR cable companies’ generic TiVo clone in I hate this digital video recorder: Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000

Maybe all is not lost in TiVo land, and people will prefer the more expensive TiVo the same as they prefer Nike’s as opposed to walmart running shoes. *shrug*

New Poll: What do You Want To See More Of on BYOPVR?

Posted on 16 August 2004 by

Hi All,

I posted a poll HERE (or you can just look to the left nav). If you could take a moment to check it out and vote/comment on what type of stuff you’d prefer to see on the site, I’d appreciate it.

It will help me get a better sense of what to focus on. i.e. Reviews, howto articles, pvr news, etc… Ideally I’d like to do tons of all those topics, but it would be helpul to know what topics and types of features make it interesting for YOU. Mostly just curious as to what you look for on the site, and what you’d like to see more of.

Must Download TV

Posted on 11 August 2004 by article Must-download TV “The latest developments in TV-show-trading technology mean you don’t need TiVo to watch what you want, when you want.”

The article talks about Tivo To Go (damn the dongle!), and RSS + Bittorrent magic like Torrentocracy, and the overall trend of, surprise surprise, wanting to freely move digital content around.

via waxy

Note: You’ll need to be a subscriber of Salon Premium or sit through an advertisement to get a “free 1 day pass” to Salon Premium to read the whole article. *shrug*

Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB Giveaway Winner

Posted on 09 August 2004 by

Congrats to byopvr’er tesla for winning the pcalchemy sponsored WinTV PVR USB giveaway

Thanks again to pcalchemy for their continued support of the site. Look for more giveaways, reviews, articles, and other pvr related goodness to come!

Zed's DVD Player Case Mod DVR

Zed’s DVD Player Case Mod DVR

Posted on 08 August 2004 by

BYOPVR user bznotin submitted this lengthy, yet gripping account of how he chopped up a Pioneer DVD player and jammed all sorts of goodies in there to make his DVR, er.. sing.. purr… whiz?

Check out: Zed’s DVD Player Case Mod DVR

Thanks again for the article BZ! It’s not easy to take the time to take notes and pictures during construction of a project AND take the time to write it up and submit it. I certainly appreciate you efforts BZ, and hopefully others will learn from your experience!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also point out planetjay’s Mini-ITX based PC in an old Satellite Receiver’s case PVR

Last Day to Enter WinTV PVR USB Giveaway

Posted on 08 August 2004 by

Don’t forget about our Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB Giveaway sponsored by the fine folks at pcalchemy

Today is the last day to enter Deadline has passed, a “winner” has been randomly selected — to be announced shortly. Good luck! See the giveaway page for more details…

Meedio 15 Day Trials now available

Posted on 04 August 2004 by

Two new HTPC products to try for free, although neither appear to have PVR capabilities (rampy note: … yet )

In case you don’t know, Meedio is the commercial successor to the popular MyHTPC program/framework/frontend/thingie.

Giveaway: PCAlchemy Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB

Giveaway: PCAlchemy Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB

Posted on 01 August 2004 by


We are proud to announce our latest giveaway, thanks to the generous support of PCAlchemy

The lucky randomly chosen recipient will get a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-USB Model 881 shipped directly from PCAlchemy to you!

To enter the giveaway:

1. Visit the SageTV 2.0 / PVR-250MCE / Streamzap Remote Bundle PCAlchemy page
2. Look at the item description and find out how many days of programming the integrated programming guide provides.
3. Send a private message to byopvr user giveaway. Include the answer to the question posed in step 2 (i.e. how many days), and a valid email address (used for contacting the winner only).

The giveaway is open to registered users in the continental US and Canada only, please only ONE submission per person. The giveaway ends this Sunday August 8th, 2004 12:00 (midnight) Eastern time. The winner will be determined by random drawing on the next day.

Thanks again to for sponsoring the giveaway!

Note: Don’t spoil the spirit of the “scavenger hunt” by posting the answer in the forums/comments. The comments will be deleted.

This giveaway has concluded. Please stay tuned for future giveaway announcment