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SageTV 3rd Party MediaMVP Support Plugin

Posted on 29 October 2004 by

steve525 broke the news that there’s a Media MVP client for SageTV thanks to an intrepid sagetv user Matt! More info/download at the SageTV MediaMVP client page (note: this isn’t an official SageTV release but it’s very cool nonetheless!)

Now there are a myriad of options for using a mediamvp as a client of other pvr systems.
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TvHarmony Product Tracker

Posted on 29 October 2004 by

TV Harmony has put together a product tracker for PVR and Home Media related goods

It’s a pretty neat compendium (is that even a word?) of product information, reviews, pricing information. Hey it includes links to byopvr’s product reviews so that counts for something =)

This is how they put it: “I’ve added a new resource for people researching products called the TVHarmony Product Tracker. It includes the latest reviews, news items, interesting links, and specs for all the various products that I’ve run across and found interesting, and I’m sure I’ll be adding a lot more products to the mix as the weeks go by. I plan on updating it on a weekly basis to keep it fresh and fill in more details.”

PC World Reviews Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005

Posted on 29 October 2004 by

PCworld takes a closer look at Windows MCE2005: Control-Alt-Delete Horizontally? “Microsoft’s second pass at Windows in the living room still has PC complexity.”

Xbox Media Center ver 1.10 released

Posted on 27 October 2004 by

Xbox Media Center (XBMC) released version 1.1.0 last week XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) is a free open source multimedia player for the Xbox from Microsoft.

XBMC turn a modded Xbox into a fully functioning multimedia jukebox and media center that plays all popular media (video, audio and image) formats. XBMC is easy to use, it’s convenient, flexible and offers great price/performance ratio as it practicaly makes a cheap Xbox game-console into a HTPC

Couple this with that new adapter Microsoft is offering to help Xbox’s interface better with windows XP MCE2005 and it sure looks to be a winner =)

Toronto Free Press Reviews SnapStream’s BeyondTV 3.5

Posted on 27 October 2004 by

TVHarmony points the way to a Toronto Free Press review of SnapStream’s BeyondTV 3.5 PVR software, mirror of the article also available at the author’s tech blog: TechnoFile

FYI: BYOPVR does have a BTV3.5 review (and so much more) coming soon… but it’s been delayed by head quarter’s relocation. That homebrew PVR box *has* to be somewhere around here, right?! At least the coffee maker was found, caffeine uber alles =)

Disneyland Embraces TiVo

Posted on 25 October 2004 by

Found via Lost Remote: It seems that TiVo is “coming of age” so to speak with the induction into Disneyland‘s “Innoventions” exhibit. Now the people of the happiest place on earth will be able to try out the happiest PVR on earth. Seems appropriate…

Meedio Update on MeedioTV Progress

Posted on 22 October 2004 by

Meedio (formerly myHTPC) has posted an update on the status of their MeedioTV PVR plugin for their HTPC frontend media center software.

From the announcement:

“Although our development plan for Meedio TV is mostly on track we will be moving the schedule out slightly. We now expect the first pre-release version of Meedio TV to be distributed on or before Saturday, October 30. This will be a free download but will be limited in functionality and hardware support so that we can concentrate on testing some of the basic components first. While we encourage everyone to post their experiences to the forum we may not be able to respond to support questions until the final version is released.

(read more or go to the Meedio announcment thread)

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BeyondTV Software, 2qty PVR250 Tuner Giveaway!

Posted on 18 October 2004 by

Giveaway is closed… no more entries will be accepted.. Congratulations to k.potochnik!!!!

Thanks to SnapStream & BeyondTV we are giving away a copy of BeyondTV 3.5 and 2qty WinTV PVR250BTV cards, but there’s only one day left (giveaway ended tomorrowTODAY ) so get your entries in, and good luck!

Giveaway is closed… no more entries will be accepted..

Snapstream PVR: A Detailed Look at BeyondTV 3.5 / Firefly / Beyond Media Basic

Posted on 17 October 2004 by

Monroeworld has released an article on the philosophy of the PVR which features a large, detailed review of SnapStream products including Firefly/Beyond Media Basic as well as the latest release of their PVR software, Beyond TV v3.5.

Check out the 16 page PVR overview and BeyondTV/Firefly review

–> V.A. It’s a good walk-through… check it out.

User Submitted Review of SageTV & PVR250 Combo

Posted on 15 October 2004 by

BYOPVR user Mortanis submitted a user review detailing his experiences with SageTV & PVR250 combo.

There’s always the “official” byopvr staff reviews to compare and contrast with (e.g. my SageTV 2.0 with PVR350 review) , but you’re encouraged to document your experiences and opinions so other byopv’ers can learn from your example in the user blogs, user contributed reviews , and of course forum posts. After all, this site is about you and your PVR/HTPC projects (…well, and my projects too!)