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Broadcast Flag Redux Commentary

Posted on 28 May 2005 by

Thomas Hawk has posted a link on Slashdot to an oped piece on CNET by the CEO of the MPAA extolling the virtues of the broadcast flag. Hawk summarized the MPAA’s argument succintly as if they don’t get their way they’re taking their ball and going home

There’s an interesting Broadcast Flag counterpoint by Jim Burger also appearing on CNET.

If you aren’t overwhelmed with linkage yet, don’t forget the EFF’s Broadcast flag page and call to action — email your representative campaign.

Also worth viewing/listening to: Cory Doctorow lecture on Broadcast Flag

Uneed X11 and X15e HTPC Cases Available for Pre-Order

Uneed X11 and X15e HTPC Cases Available for Pre-Order

Posted on 27 May 2005 by

PCAlchemy just informed me that they now have the Uneed X11 and X15e HTPC cases available for Pre-Order.

UPDATE:The cases have been delivered to PCAlchemy’s warehouseand will start shipping on 6/13/2005 !!!!

I’ve been personally toying with the idea of getting the Uneed X11, although my wife may leave me if I put another PVR / HTPC box in the entertainment center 🙂

You might want to check out the HTPCnews review of the X15e.

read more for some important ordering information and additional options such as available Seasonic silent power supplies and VFD displays.

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SnapStream Roundup: Blog, EPG, & Web Admin Documentation

Posted on 27 May 2005 by

SnapStream has been pretty busy lately.

I meant to point out last month that there is now an “official” SnapStream blog which I think is a great way to directly reach potential and existing customers in a slightly more casual format. I’d much rather read a blog entry than a press release =P

SnapStream Extends Long-Term Deal with Tribune Media Services
“Tribune Media Services (TMS) has expanded its licensing deal with SnapStream Media, Inc., a leader in digital home entertainment products.

TMS provides SnapStream with a full suite of data products that now includes digital and over-the-air channel lineups in addition to analog lineups and comprehensive television scheduling information for the U.S. and Canada.” rampy note… digital OTA line up, eh? hmmm….

Final bit of SnapStream news for the day: They’ve improved their documentation for advanced web admin settings! There’s a lot of important and cool under the hood settings that you can only access via the BTV web admin panel so it’s nice to have detailed documentation available. You can see the updated BeyondTV help file documentation here

WinVodio 2.1 Released: International Windows PVR Software

Posted on 26 May 2005 by

There’s a new (to me at least) PVR software out on the market (which I found out from multiple posts in PVR forums ). What’s intriguing, although I haven’t looked into it any further, is their support for integrated EPG for over 10 countries.

Here’s what Vodio had to say:
New release of WinVodio (2.1) the DVR with integrated EPG and webscheduler

WinVodio is happy to announce the new release of WinVodio 2.1. It now supports all Hauppauge PVR cards (150/250/350).

The 2.1 version has several improvements over previous versions; besides bug fixes and many smaller improvements, cool features such as a skinnable interface (choose from over 50 skins), the Rules Wizard in the Video Library (for automatic processing of a file upon recording) and integrated TV Data have been added.

For those unfamiliar with WinVodio and the services, here’s what special about our approach to DVR. The WinVodio software is a feature-full Digital Video Recorder, architectured as client-server. The client (GUI) contains all the features that you expect from a DVR, previewing, recording and scheduling, and much more. The WinVodio server runs in the background to do all the stuff around recording and scheduling. The GUI does not need to be opened for this, so you can use the WinVodio server as a background video recorder.”

(read more)
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New GBPVR Released! GBPVR version .92.8

Posted on 24 May 2005 by

New GBPVR Released! GBPVR version .92.8 now available. See the GBPVR .92.8 announcement post for more details and download link.

copy of the change log in read more
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Turn Your PVR into a Dancin' Machine

Turn Your PVR into a Dancin’ Machine

Posted on 24 May 2005 by

ejk, a longtime byopvr regular, took the time to document the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) / Stepmania functionality he added to his PVR project.

Turn Your PVR into a Dancin’ Machine

Comment on the PVR dancin’ machine project in the forum.

Thanks to ejk for submitting his write up and sharing it with the byopvr community!

Tell Congress to Reject the Broadcast Flag

Posted on 22 May 2005 by

The dreaded Broadcast Flag, much like the villain in a bad horror movie, isn’t quite dead yet.

Even though the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the FCC did not have the authority to require hardware manufacturers to implement Broadcast Flag copy protection, the MPAA is trying to sneak a few lines of innocuous-sounding law past legislators to give the FCC the sweeping regulatory authority it needs re-instate the Flag.

The EFF has issued an action-alert with an online form to help you contact your representative directly and tell them that you don’t want Hollywood to hobble your digital media devices!

Also see BoingBoing Commentary and previous Slashdot Broadcast Flag coverage

CPVR & Hauppauge WinTV PVR150 Contest @ CTpvr

Posted on 21 May 2005 by

CTpvr & Hauppauge have teamed up to giveaway one copy of CTpvr along with a PVR-150. Enrollment starts Now and the drawing will be held on May 31st. Enter the pvr150 / CTpvr giveaway in the CTpvr forum.

I’ve started a discussion topic on CTpvr in our forum

MythTV to have new EPG Subscription alternative

Posted on 18 May 2005 by

2CPU has an article about a new EPG service for linux/mythtv

A startup called Technovera is offering a new EPG TV listing (and more) service for linux/mythtv called LxM Suite. It’s going to be a pay for service, as an alternative to the free zap2it EPG listings which require you to fill out a survey every 3 months.

More coverage at PVRblog | Slashdot: MythTV Links Up with Program Guide Provider

via NewsForge

UPDATE–>Here’s a quick blurb they sent me about this new service:

“Technovera is about to roll-out a data services pilot with Tribune Media. We’ve started with MythTV compatibility, but we plan on introducing plugins for other media software. It’s called, and right off the bat, we’ve integrated Local Movie Show-times (some with Fandango Links included). The cool thing about this: You can opt-in, or opt-out… and if you sign-up, you get value-adding enhancements month-by-month,.. not some “log-ware” that tracks your habits and reports it back to George Orwell. We will be including many things that you just can’t get through the “survey-based” Zap2it site. Most importantly, all the net proceeds go right back to sponsoring OSS. So obviously it’s not about profit, it’s about giving voice to a growing community of people who choose “choice”… “Your Media… Your Way…”.

Alchemy Mac PVR card in Washington Post

Posted on 17 May 2005 by

I saw this article over at the washington post Alchemy can turn Mac into recorder which talks about a card dubbed “Alchemy” which for $159 gives the Mac DVR capabilities.

The article links to a Miglia Technology that’s presumably the card’s manufacturer, but it’s unreachable… here’s Google Cache

I’m assuming it’s an HDTV card as the article author referred to 10 gig an hour recordings… Stay tuned, this might be something cool to look out for… if it’s legit maybe we can get one in for review.

Not sure how I feel about the “Alchemy” name as we’ve already have a PCAlchemy in the PVR / HTPC marketplace… At least it’s for Mac / OSX to differentiate itself.

The site is still slow/getting slammed. I’m confused though, I did find an old review which doesn’t seem that promising. here’s another one miglia alchemytv and another review

I’m beginning to think the washington post article isn’t quite as breakthrough and I fear, unless there’s a “new” different AlchemyTV mac card, that it’s pretty old and busted and plextor convertX PVR or the HDTV eyegato is the new hotness in the mac world. *sigh*