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HDCP Content Protection + Windows Vista == New HDTV Obsolete?

Posted on 22 August 2005 by

ArsTechnica has a very well written article on HDCP and how HDCP enabled Windows Vista would require new HDTV’s even if you purchased the top of the line model now. Of course you could still use Windows Vista with your uber-expensive high end plasma, but it will refuse to playback HiDef content on anything but a “trusted” HDCP display.

via Slashdot: HighDef Content to Require New Monitors

ChrisTV 4.60 with FFDShow support and more…

Posted on 19 August 2005 by

ChrisTV is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Software designed to control analog TV Cards, Graphic Cards with Video Input (VIVO), Combo Cards (Graphic Card and TV Card), Webcams, DVcam Capture that have WDM Drivers(Windows Driver Model) compatible with DirectShow specifications.

– Timeshifting feature,
– Improved support for Hauppauge PVR 150/250/350/500 series TV Cards,
– Recording using any audio/video codecs installed on user’s PC advanced recording settings,
– TVgenial scripting interface, you can add/delete recording scheduled task directly from TVgenial.
– Advanced Scheduler Settings.
– Sleep Timer.
– Radio FM support,
– Channel autoScan with fine tuning,
– Customize each channel properties, support for dscaler deinterlace directshow filter,
– Zoom feature,
– Teletext,
– Winlirc Support,
– Image Processing filters (only in Professional version),
– Image capture,
– Mosaic with all your channels,
– Slideshow,
– Support for more than 25 languages.
– Supported Capture Devices List can be found here : Supported Capture Devices List

Download : Download ChrisTV 4.60
Screenshots :Click here
Website :Chris P.C. srl Homepage
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Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Core Review

Posted on 18 August 2005 by

Well, its nice to be back. After finals and QuakeCon 2005, I should be posting a lot more than I have in the last few weeks. Its good to be back!
Back to the topic at hand, while browsing over at HTPCNews, I saw that ByteSector has got a review of the new Athlon 64 3000+ Venice Core. This may be of interest to those of you who are looking into parts to build your next HTPC, and these “Venice core”AMD processors are known for running cool — which meansyou need fewer/slower noisy fans and a quieter rig!! It looks like with the Venice core there have been several improvments, such as support for SSE3, support for double sided memory in all banks @ 400MHz, as well as support for mismatched dual channel modules (one 1gb pair and one 512mb pair). From the article:

The war between Intel and AMD has been raging on for some time now, as both companies continue to vie for a bigger share of the consumer market. The result is better products for the consumers, and maybe a couple lawsuits along the way. AMD has always been the choice for the enthusiast community mainly because of their highly overclockable processors. With the new architecture and design of the Athlon 64 processors, AMD is set to raise the bar another notch. Today, we’re going to push an A64 3000+ Venice to its limits and find out if it’s worthy of the highly touted AMD badge.

LIRC PVR-150 IR blaster support in Linux

Posted on 17 August 2005 by

LIRC PVR-150 IR blaster support via this post in our forum linking to Mark’s mailing list post (got that?!)

I have a basic driver that appears to make this work, based on I2C captures from the Hauppauge windows software. I will say right now that I have no idea how the hardware actually works — various people have made suggestions but it was not enough for me to figure it out (search the ivtv-devel list on “cheapi2c/lmilk” for more information).

It’s a good first step to getting the hauppauge wintv PVR 150 IR blaster working in linux/mythtv!

BYOPVR Football Pool ( Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 prize )

Posted on 16 August 2005 by

At our sister site RandomDrivel we’ve been doing the CBS sportsline NFL football pool for fun each season. This year I thought it would be fun to add the DIY PVR folks to the roster and add a cool prize for the overall standings winner at the end of the season! Please note: You’ll need to sign up for a CBS sportsline ID first and know the football pool password which is randomdrivel2

It’s a simple pick the winning teams each week with a Monday Night Football total score tie breaker. You don’t have to know anything about football to play, in fact sometimes I think it helps! I plan on using the Balki Bartokomous method of choosing winnning teams.

The overall winner of the season long pool is going to get a
Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 “retail” edition TV tuner/encoder card.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the pool, but you must be in the continental USA to receive the top prize.


Posted on 15 August 2005 by

BYOPVR has a new IRC chatroom thanks to byopvr member MidZer0 who offered to host it (*cue golf clap* thumbs up good job)

Please note: The #byopvr IRC channel is provided as-is: use at your own risk. No warranty expressed or implied. Your Mileage May Vary.

That’s just a fancy way of saying the contents of the chat room are outside byopvr’s control and you’re on your own as it can’t be moderated 24/7. With that said, if you enter the chat room you’ll be expected to be on your best behavior, listen to the ops, and play nice. After all the discussion topic at hand is BYO PVR, DVR, & HTPC and not “let’s have a p1ss1ng contest/flame war”. Remember it is preferred to post questions and comments in the BYOPVR forum but this is a good way to shoot the breeze or have a realtime discussion or find out what your favorite byopvr regulars had for lunch.

As long as you’re cool with that, go to the IRC chat room page enter a nickname and click the “enter chatroom” button, you’ll need to click “yes” to the JAVA signed applet warning and then chat away!

If you can’t stand the JAVA applet or are a seasoned IRC user feel free to use your own client (e.g. mIRC or free Firefox extension Chatzilla, etc) just enter as the server and 6667 as the port and then join the #byopvr channel.

Special thanks again to MidZer0 for hosting the IRC channel and running the IRC server!

GBPVR v0.93.9 Release – Preliminary ATSC BDA HDTV Support

Posted on 12 August 2005 by

GBPVR has just release GBPVR version 0.93.9 with Preliminary ATSC BDA card HDTV support !

Added initial support for HDTV (ATSC). Its pretty manual, with no channel scanning facilities, but if you know the physical/major/minor number for each of your channels then you can manually configure them. This has only been lightly tested against a FusionHDTV Gold-T, but should also work with other cards if they have BDA compliant drivers. To record you need to have an MPEG2 multiplexer filter. GB-PVR supports the Cyberlink, ShowShifter, Intervideo and Microsoft DVR-MS multiplexer filters.

Even though it’s just the initial support for ATSC OTA BDA cards, i’m still very excited about this functionality/support making it’s way into GBPVR.

See the read more for the full change log, as sub’s been very busy and there’s a ton of juicy stuff in there like DVR-MS with the MediaMVP and a ton of fixes/improvements!

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VWB MediaREADY™ 5000 Linux STB to run SageTV 3

Posted on 12 August 2005 by

The linux based MediaReady 5000 Linux Powered Digital Media Center STB (previous coverage) by Video Without Borders has recently added the linux version of SageTV 3.0 to its offering.

Video Without Borders, Inc., a leading provider of interactive, media-convergent home entertainment devices, and SageTV, LLC, announced today their collaboration to release the MediaREADY™ 5000 (spec sheet pdf) Advanced Digital Media Center to the market powered by the Linux-based SageTV Media Center software. The SageTV software running on the MediaREADY™ 5000 will enable complete Media Center capabilities, including PVR, DVD/CD burning, music and photo management, Web browsing, Email, and more.

hat tip HTPCnews

Read more for the full MediaReady 5000 SageTV announcment.
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SnapStream Europe: PC PVR Software for DE, FR, & UK

Posted on 05 August 2005 by

SnapStream launched Beyond TV (and Beyond TV Link) in Europe yesterday:

See the SnapStream Blog entry on the UK, France, Germany, & parts of Austria & Switzerland localized BeyondTV launch

The launch includes Beyond TV and Beyond TV Link localized (both language localization and program guide localization through our partnership with tvtv) for users in the UK, France, Germany, and German speaking parts of Austria and Switzerland. The websites, the trial versions of the software, and our European store are also all completely localized.

This is an excellent expansion to markets on the other side of the pond for SnapStream, and I’m glad there’s more DIY PVR options available, including the all important EPG data, in a quality commercial offering. Feel free to discuss the announcment in the byopvr International (outside the USA) DIY PVR / HTPC forum in the SnapStream BeyondTV PVR software European expansion thread

Nvidia Store Finally Opens: Nvidia PureVideo MPEG/DVD Decoder for sale!

Posted on 05 August 2005 by

Thanks to G808 for pointing this out: The Nvidia store is now open! Normally an online store opening or addition of a shopping cart isn’t really newsworthy, however, in this case it’s been long awaited.

The Nvidia DVD / MPEG2 Decoder is considered one of the best DVD/MPEG2 Software decoders around BUT you couldn’t buy it directly from Nvidia or nearly anywhere for that matter. You had to either get the decoder packaged with an Nvidia card or purchase the TheaterTek DVD software ($69.95 / $89.95). You could also get the Nvdia DVD decoder by purchasing it with hardware from PCAlchemy (+$9.95) which was a welcome option.

BTW: You do not have to have an Nvidia video card to take advantage of the Nvidia PureVideo MPEG Decoder; it works with most video cards (including ATI), and can take advantage of cards with DXVA acceleration to help offload the CPU usage to the graphics cards GPU.

They are offering the Nvidia PureVideo DVD decoder in three different tiers / price range from cheapest to most costly: bronze ($19.95), gold ($29.95), & platinum ($49.95). The different feature sets seem to revolve around different levels and number of channels of dolby decoding and digital surround sound spidf pass through capabilties in the higher tiers.

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder enables the industry’s highest quality DVD and MPEG-2 playback and rich surround sound audio for Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center Edition. Featuring Dolby® Digital surround sound audio and hardware acceleration for compatible graphics processors, the NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder delivers unmatched color fidelity and smooth DVD, video, and TV viewing. When paired with a GeForce GPU, NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder enables adaptive de-interlacing and high quality filtering for the ultimate home theater experience.

Nvidia Store Finally Opens: Nvidia Pure Video MPEG/DVD Decoder for sale!”

You can download a 60-day trial to see it for yourself: Nvidia PureVideo Decoder Trial Download
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