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Nightmare on Your Street: Return of the Living Broadcast Flag

Posted on 26 September 2005 by

*sigh* not that I expected it to just go away quietly in the night, but there’s some interesting not all that speculative speculation/commentary on how the MPAA and RIAA are teaming up for the uber-Broadcast Flag Congress end-a-round

Via the anti-DRM broadcast flag haterz at BoingBoing 😉

“MPAA/RIAA subvert democracy with super-broadcast-flag bid
The RIAA and MPAA have teamed up to demand that Congress get the FCC to create a super-duper broadcast flag for radio and TV. This means that they’ll get a veto over pretty much anything that can play video or music — from your iPod to your PC’s tuner card.

My cow-orker Danny O’Brien has written a brilliant, witty explanation of how the MPAA and RIAA are pulling this off in Congress, sneaking around behind closed doors to get this enacted without debate — and what you can do to stop the enterainment cartels to stop undermining American democracy

It’s time to renew/reup my EFF donation/membership and suggest you consider it as well. (and not JUST for the BroadCast Flag stuff, they do a lot of defense of p2p and other digital fair use rights stuff that’s important, IMHO!)

New Contest: Build the FAQ/WIKI the Best & Win a 150 or MVP or Fusion 5 Lite

Posted on 23 September 2005 by

I’m starting another contest! I need HELP filling out and refining the new DIY DVR/PVR HTPC FAQ Wiki!

You’ll have to sign up for an account over there Please use a valid email and if you’re registered here use the same username.

You can either do a bunch of little refinement/additions to existing pages (or forthcoming new pages) or create new pages/topics/content. Fix my grammer & speelling, add links and resources… write up a howto or explain the difference between Hauppauge MCE cards and retail cards

Whoever at the end of October makes the “best” contribution as judged by me (again let me reiterate: it could be a collection of smaller contributions and refinements or one or two really awesome articles on DIY PVR / HTPC related subjects) will win their choice of a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 (retail), a Wired MediaMVP, or Fusion 5 Dvico lite HTDA/ATSC/QAM card!

The contest is open to folks in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

If you have questions about the wiki, contest, or having trouble editing, please post a reply/question to this forum thread.

There’s a sandbox area if you want to experiment without worry… and you don’t have to go crazy with wiki formattig… just type away and paste in links… the important part is the content/text (I can/others can pretty it up later 😉 ) To create a new page you can just add a word or phrase to the end of the URL (the part in italics/white below), and then start editting… like this…
( add the new page name after the slash after index.php/ ) Creating A New Page

Good luck!

ChrisTV 4.70 with support for ATI Theater 550 PRO

Posted on 22 September 2005 by

ChrisTV Professional and Standard version 4.70 comes with full support and advanced features for the ATI Theater 550 PRO TV Cards :

  • Live Preview Mode. Using this mode you will have low CPU usage and you can use deinterlace filter and FFDShow filter to improve image quality.
  • TimeShift feature using the TV card MPEG Hardware Encoder.
  • MPEG2 recording module offers access to advanced recording settings
  • Video processing features, including a 3D comb filter.
  • Advanced automatic channel scan engine.
  • More details you can find on this page.
  • You can now be notified before a scheduler task takes place with balloon hints. You can choose to display scheduler task information : task name, channel name, duration, recording mode.
  • Optimized support of FFDShow filter for software capture devices.
  • Improved detection of TV Cards with MPEG2 Hardware Encoder.
  • Optimized the TVgenial support in ChrisTV.
  • Fixed the teletext initializing problem when using Windows XP or DirectX 9 in other language than english.
  • Improved and optimized the Timeshift buffering engine for some capture devices.
  • Fixed some recording settings for blackbird TV cards.
  • Other small fixes and improvements.

    Homepage :

  • Review: Aopen Aeolus PCX6600 Passively Cooled Nvidia Geforce 6600 PCI-e

    Posted on 20 September 2005 by

    HardwareZone reviews the heat pipe passively cooled AOpen Aeolus PCX6600-DV128LP (GeForce 6600, PCIe) which is the low profile model. See also the Aopen Aeolus PCX6600-DV128LP manufacturer page.

    It’s a good review, but it’s more about specifications and gaming benchmarks than the home theater / video playback/accelleration features I’m specifically interested in.

    I’m definitely going to have to consider this heat pipe cooled Aeolus Geforce 6600 option to quietly output to my HDTV for my next PVR/HTPC system upgrade 🙂

    Hat tip HTPCnews

    New NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner

    New NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner

    Posted on 19 September 2005 by

    TechPowerUp has the scoop on NVIDIA and the latest happenings and advances of their Pure Video Cinematic Home Theater technology including a new NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV Dual Tuner card that features the very impressive ViXS video processing for on the fly transcoding/processing! Looks like a MSRP of $169/$189 (two different models: one for MCE 2005, one for regular XP)

    They seem to be positioning the NVIDIA DualTV as a high(er) quality capture quality and some interesting bells and whistles. If the NVIDIA Pure Video DualTV encoding quality is half as good as the NVIDIA Pure Video Decoder is at mpeg2 decoding it should be a pretty awesome card! Of course the proof is in the pudding and the greatest hardware in the world is useless if the good 3rd party PVR applications don’t support it.

    Hat tip to HTPCnews and SHSpvr. Large picture of the NVIDIA DualTV board thanks to MannyTC via SHS.
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    Beta Testers Wanted: New Affordable MythTV IR Blaster

    Posted on 19 September 2005 by

    Matt at Innovation One has developed a USB IR transceiver that makes using multiple cable & sat boxes with MythTV much easier and more reliable (they are based in Canada, fwiw). They are seeking a few more Beta testers before they finalize the CommandIR – and were looking to see if any BYOPVR Canadian users was interested.

    They do charge a nominal (below their cost) fee for the units, but if you’re interested in helping with the testing and have mulitple set top boxes to control and/or want a better way to consolidate your IR receiving/blasting this seems like a good product to check out!

    See the COMMANDIR IR Blaster/receiver control product page and the CommandIR BETA Tech Preview information page. See also the CommandIR Beta Forum post

    Have no idea what an IR Blaster is? Check the BYOPVR Wiki!

    MPEG Editor VideoReDo Plus: New Commercial Detection Feature

    Posted on 19 September 2005 by

    VideoReDo MPEG editor has a new version out called VideoReDo Plus with a feature they call Ad Detective. The Ad Detective is an integrated commercial detection/marking/removal tool built into VideoReDo Plus.

    What I like about VideoReDo is that it’s both really fast/easy to chop up MPEG2 files (there’s not transcoding or long load time and the interace is pretty straightforward), and it makes frame accurate mpeg2 cuts without screwing up the audio sync. This new commercial detection piece is just icing on the cake.

    In any case it’s definitely worth the trial download to decide for yourself if it’s the right mpeg2 editing / commercial remvoing tool for you.

    Read More for the full Press Release on VideoReDo Plus with Ad Detective
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    SnapStream Blog: Everything About HDTV Primer part II

    Posted on 17 September 2005 by

    SnapStream Blog continues their series on Everything about HDTV part 2 in order to get you primed and ready for the multiple HDTV tuner, DTV EPG channel guide, BeyondTV 4 release.

    Everything about HDTV part 1

    More TiVo Content Protection DRM Snafu

    Posted on 15 September 2005 by

    Following up on previous Tivo DRM Snafu coverage

    PVRblog notes that Jim Denney, TiVo’s Director of Product Marketing,
    told TechBlog
    that these were probably just “false positives.”

    “Denney said the copy protection is trigged by a flag in the video signal. The reports appearing on the Web appear to be cases where TiVo misinterprets noise in the signal as a copy protection flag, and imposes the restrictions.”

    Cory dug asked around at a DRM conference and didn’t find TiVo’s claim that “noise” somehow triggered the content protection too credible, unless it’s due to incompetence.

    O’reilly blogger Mark thinks TiVo is being disengenious about noise-gate.

    Wendy Seltzer would rather use MythTV anyways She’s got a MythTV HDTV HD-3000 project page worth checking out.

    The blogosphere seems to really be considering tivo alternatives like byopvr 😉

    Windows Media Center Edition 2005 Roll Up 2 & Vista MCE Sneak Peak

    Posted on 15 September 2005 by

    Chris Lanier summarized the latest Windows MCE 2005 Roll Up 2 (update) best:

    ” * Free Download from Windows Update
    * Available in about 1 month
    * 2nd HD Tuner supported
    * No CableCARD
    * No QAM
    * DVD Changer (No other public information)
    * Xbox 360 Extender support
    * Sonic DVD Burning fixes
    * Slight improvements in Media Library performance”

    See also Ed Bott: on MCE roll up 2 and Green Button chat log with MS MCE representativeNeowin Windows MCE coverage

    Chris Lanier also has some beautiful Windows Vista MCE screenshots

    Hat tip to HTPCnews

    Dissapointed in the no QAM support! I didn’t think cablecard support/certification would be ready nearly in time, but thought QAM support coulda/shoulda/woulda been. Seems like a missed opportunity to me.