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G808: DVICO Fusion 5 USB HDTV/ATSC Tuner

Posted on 30 October 2005 by

Prolific byopvr forum member g808 posted his first impressions of the DVICO Fusion 5 USB HDTV/ATSC Tuner with BeyondTV 4 RC1 (beta). See dvico fusion5 usb product page

In a related note: I’ve been playing with Vbox’s Cat’s Eye USB 3560 ATSC/HDTV tuner device so keep an eye out for that forth coming review.

In any case look forward to hearing more about g808’s experiences with the dvico Fusion5 usb and hope to compare notes with the Cat’s Eye… 😉

TVHarmony: Tivo Tools AutoPilot adds Video Ipod Support!

Posted on 30 October 2005 by

TVHarmony has added some cool new functionality to its suite of TiVo2Go utilities including a new utility to convert Tivo files to Video Ipod format. I like/use the Tivo AutoPilot software to copy over shows from my series 2 TiVo that I want to archive over to my PC in the middle of the night, replaces the DRM with a small watermark (edit–>embeds the MAK into the file now — no watermark), and plops it into my BeyondTV video directory.

They are getting alot of well deserved attention for their efforts with linkage on:
PVRwire: TVHarmony’s AutoPilot converts TiVo to iPod format and now Slashdot: Automated TiVo to iPod formating
| TivoBlog coverage

New HTPC Software Resource Site:

Posted on 29 October 2005 by

Hobbes487 wrote “I have created a new community that focuses completely on software for HTPCs. This includes frontends, media players, utilites, etc. On the site there is news about HTPC software, a version tracker to make sure every elemept of your HTPC is up to date, user submitted reviews, and a forum for discussion about all things software for HTPCs. Come check us out at (HTPC SoftWare)

My main idea for the site is to have a place where people can get help with programs they want to use for their HTPC. I know when I was building my first HTPC it was hard to find a lot of help with certain programs. Most of the information I got was about what hardware to choose and what was compatiple with what. This was all extremely helpful, but once I got the thing built I was a little lost when it came to choose what software to use. There are all kinds of neat little programs that do very specific tasks and I want my site to be a place where people can go to find out about all these programs.”

We wish hobbes487 luck with his site and hope it becomes another excellent resource and tool for the greater DIY PVR / HTPC building community!

New KnoppMyth Release R5A22

Posted on 27 October 2005 by

There’s a new release of the excellent easy to install MythTV specific linux distro KnoppMyth nicknamed “Crouching Tiger, High Def Dragon” 😉

see the knoppmyth announcement thread (with torrent download links)

Some of the highlights:
“First KRP-aware release.
* Integrated KRP logic into installation and configuration scripts.
* Dragon installation and configuration 99% automated.
* Added system-independent auto-detection and configuration.
* More LIRC remotes auto-detected and configured.
* Channel icons now download automatically.
* MythWeather locale setting improved or autoconfigured, depending on your system.
* nVidia drivers now auto-install on first boot.
* Unified keybindings across applications.
* Fixed ATI Remote Wonder button repeat bug.
* MythWeb now uses basic Apache authentication by default.
* mythtv-setup no longer runs twice.
* MythWeb links to media work again.
* (BETA) adds resume functionality to MythVideo (mplayer).
* IvyTV 0.4.0″

Sounds like an a pretty important evolution in the Knoppmyth install package. My only complaint with KnoppMyth is that it almost makes things too easy on the linux front 😉

SnapStream Partners With OEM’s for HDTV ATSC Bundles

Posted on 25 October 2005 by

With the recent release candidate of BeyondTV 4 made available to beta tests the ATSC/HDTV enabled BeyondTV 4 should be (relatively) just around the corner.

In anticipation of the release of the HDTV enabled version of BeyondTV, SnapStream has recently announced partnering with OEM HDTV tuner card manufacturers to bundle BeyondTV with said cards

The manufacturers are ADS Technologies, KWorld, and VBox Communications. Speaking of which be on the lookout for a byopvr review of VBox’s Cat’s Eye USB 3560 ATSC HDTV tuner device with Firefly/ BeyondTV bundling.

Note: these are not all the HDTV cards that BeyondTV4 will support, rather just the manufacturers that are including BeyondTV software with their hardware bundles.

UPDATE Some more info and product shots on SnapStream Blog

see a copy of the full SnapStream HDTV bundle press release.
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Big Bruin HTPC Primer and TV Tuner Card Guide

Posted on 23 October 2005 by

Big Bruin HTPC Primer (part1) is a pretty good introduction into the world of HTPC building, and I lookforward to the 2nd part. They get extra credit for mentioning byopvr in the article 😉

They also have a TV Tuner guide but I wish they stressed the importance of hardware encoding cards a little bit more.

Got All Media is Free Again: Released

Posted on 23 October 2005 by

Got All Media Windows HTPC/PVR software that was free, then was a commercial product, is now free again!

See the Got All Media “GAM” is now Free announcement.

GAM supports a surprising number of tuner cards, remotes and has a lot of features… including ATSC support. For a little historical context… back when Meedio was myHTPC and didn’t have a TV tuning component people would use the GAM tv tuning/pvr plugin in there system.

hat tip to HTPCnews

Reminder: Just the FAQ’s contest time is running out!

Posted on 21 October 2005 by


I still need HELP filling out and refining the new DIY DVR/PVR HTPC FAQ Wiki!

You’ll have to sign up for an account over there Please use a valid email and if you’re registered here use the same username.

You can either do a bunch of little refinement/additions to existing pages (or forthcoming new pages) or create new pages/topics/content. Fix my grammer & speelling, add links and resources… write up a howto or explain the difference between Hauppauge MCE cards and retail cards

Whoever at the end of October makes the “best” contribution as judged by me (again let me reiterate: it could be a collection of smaller contributions and refinements or one or two really awesome articles on DIY PVR / HTPC related subjects) will win their choice of a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 (retail), a Wired MediaMVP, or Fusion 5 Dvico lite HTDA/ATSC/QAM card!

The contest is open to folks in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

If you have questions about the wiki, contest, or having trouble editing, please post a reply/question to this forum thread.

There’s a sandbox area if you want to experiment without worry… and you don’t have to go crazy with wiki formattig… just type away and paste in links… the important part is the content/text (I can/others can pretty it up later 😉 ) To create a new page you can just add a word or phrase to the end of the URL (the part in italics/white below), and then start editting… like this…
( add the new page name after the slash after index.php/ ) Creating A New Page

Good luck!

Nvidia GeForce 81.85 Beta Driver Update

Posted on 19 October 2005 by

New Nvidia GeForce 81.85 Beta Driver Update

Release Highlights:
* Compatibility fixes since 81.84 BETA driver. For a full list of fixed and known issues please view the Release Notes.
* Mixed vendor support for NVIDIA SLI.
* TV-Out/HD-out support for NVIDIA SLI.
* Added support for VSync on Direct3D games when running NVIDIA SLI.
* Performance enhancements for dual-core CPUs.
* PureVideo high definition MPEG-2 de-interlacing support.
* Usability enhancements when connecting to an HDTV.
* Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.0 support .

found via HTPCnews

Shuttle XPC M 1000 Super Slim XP Media Center 2005 Platform

Shuttle XPC M 1000 Super Slim XP Media Center 2005 Platform

Posted on 18 October 2005 by

Shuttle XPC M 1000 XP Media Center 2005 PC

From the site:
“The Shuttle XPC Media Center brings you to the forefront of home multimedia convergence. Say goodbye to your VCR, CD, DVD, and receiver appliances.

The Shuttle XPC Media Center’s built-in analog TV tuners, FM radio tuner, dual format DVD writer, and 8-in-1 card reader, make it easy to enjoy TV, video, music and photographs with your friends and family.

Based on Shuttle’s all new ‘M’ chassis, the Shuttle XPC Media Center sits stylishly within any home audio/visual entertainment center. But don’t be fooled by its simple exterior. Inside the attractive case you will find; analog TV tuners* supporting HDTV, time shifting, and real time or scheduled recording, high definition 7.1 channel audio, FM radio with pause and replay capabilities, and 3D graphics processing power from NVIDIA®.”

I’d be interested in knowing more about the included analog tuners, which I presume are hardware encoding in order to be supported/certified by MCE 2005, and the HDTV card as well. Check out the Shuttle XPC M1000 tech specs (pdf), XPC M1000 product page and XPC M1000 Europe page

hat tip HTPCnews
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