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SageTV 3.0.13 RC2: One Step Closer to SageTV HDTV Goodness

Posted on 18 October 2005 by

SageTV V3.0.13 Release Candidate 2 is now available to beta testers.

lots of fixes and improvements, including some that might help long suffering PVR350 users!

hat tip HTPCnews

Windows Media Center Edition 2005 Roll Up 2 Now Available

Posted on 18 October 2005 by

A little bit late on this (they released the rollup last week) but those of you using Windows Media Center 2005 will want to look at Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

Kinda of dissapointing (no QAM!) but they did add XBOX 360 support and official dual HDTV tuner card support (previously you had to work around/hack that in) and other improvements, just nothing jaw dropping…

This update improves the Media Center Extender experience. Media Center now recognizes when a Microsoft Xbox 360 is connected to the network. Additionally, Media Center now prompts you to install the software components that Media Center must have to support the Media Center Extender functionality of the Xbox 360.
• On U.S. versions of Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, this update provides support for a second Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) tuner card. Media Center now supports up to two ATSC tuner cards and two National Television Systems Committee (NTSC) tuner cards.
• Media Center now supports DVB-T radio where DVB-T radio is broadcast.
• Media Center now includes a configurable optimization option to make sure that your Media Center computer continues to run smoothly.
• Media Center now includes a nonlinear zoom mode for widescreen TVs.
• This update improves the process of burning DVDs in Media Center.

Maybe Windows MCE 2005 Update roll up 2 will help Duke and his dissapointments with MCE 2005

Pre-Built Custom HTPC: 2PartsFusion Digital Media Server 701

Posted on 13 October 2005 by

HTPCnews has an interesting change up of reviewing a prebuilt custom HTPC the 2partsfusion Digital Media Server 701

Of particular note (besides looking like a pretty sweet custom built HTPC made with quality components), is the involvement of respected HTPC community member and guide contributor SpHeRe31459 (also see his Blog )

In any case (no pun intended): if you were lookig for a prebuilt HTPC Media Center check out the review of the 2partsfusion DM 701. Even if you weren’t considering buying your own HTPC you could learn a lot from 2partsfusion parts/component selection.

BeyondTV 4 HDTV Sneak Screenies!

BeyondTV 4 HDTV Sneak Screenies!

Posted on 11 October 2005 by

A SnapStream developer posted some sneak preview images of BeyondTV 4 on Slashdot/Flickr

Main Menu – This shot shows of the new theme for BTV 4. Please note that the red bar color itself is likely to change. Its currently a hot topic on the beta forums for some reason.

Library Information Screen – A really useful screen that you can do compression to divx, copying, playback, and browse information about your recorded shows.

Time-Shift Dock – This is the control panel that you can use while
watching tv to pause, stop, rewind, record, and back-capture tv. My appologies for having to use static. Don’t want to get sued here.

Transparent Guide = The transparent guide allows you to browse through whats on without ever having to stop viewing what you are watching. Very
nifty feature. Once again, sorry about the static.

There are also some interesting information about HDTV and OTA HDTV support as well as some more screenies in the latest SnapStream BeyondTV 4 HDTV primer part 3 posted over in the snapstream blog.

Broadcast Flag Re-Re-Re-ReDux: Back in Congress

Posted on 11 October 2005 by

The Broadcast Flag for terrestial OTA digital TV is resurfacing in Congress. Here’s the link/news/commentary round up.

join the fax brigade / call to action against broadcast flag

Excellent EFF insight into the latest salvo on the war against fair use/DTV

Protect your legal right to record television. MPAA tries to get sneaky (again) with broadcast flag legislation

20 suicidal Congressional Reps demand a Broadcast Flag

Slashdot on the terrible 20 and the broadcast flag

Read articles, Scream out loud, Notifiy your representative.

Tivo Killers — Windows PC PVR Software Roundup

Posted on 11 October 2005 by

ExtremeTech reviews Tivo Killers? — Windows PVR including BeyondTV, SageTV, and PowerCinema. (PowerCinema?!). No mention of the popular free option GBPVR or the up and coming MeedioTV software options though.

Let’s say you don’t have Media Center Edition and don’t want to wipe your drive and install it. You have Windows XP and simply want to add a TV tuner card and PVR type functions so you can hook your PC to your TV or sit across the room from your large monitor and enjoy all the benefits of TiVo. There are quite a few programs available that let you do that; we’ll examine three of them today, including SnapStream’s Beyond TV, Cyberlink’s PowerCinema, and SageTV

Also see SageTV Takes on Windows Media Center Edition 2005

Road Kill on the Convergence Highway: 3 Months With Windows MCE 2005

Road Kill on the Convergence Highway: 3 Months With Windows MCE 2005

Posted on 09 October 2005 by

Guest curmudgeon, I mean columnist, Duke Weber get’s off at the wrong on ramp and is heading the wrong way in the break down lane with his Road Kill on the Convergence Highway: 3 Months With Windows MCE 2005 article.

It’s a little bit more commentary and cautionary tale than strict HowTO, (how not to?)… but at the least is a very entertaining read!

Please post your comments, questions, or corrections in the official Road Kill MCE 2005 forum thread.

Personally I think we should all chip in and send Duke a copy of SageTV or BeyondTV to see if he has a better experience 😉 I’d like to think if Duke had visited our little site before/during his experience we could have helped him avoid some of the pratfalls (or at least offered some empathy), but then that wouldn’t made for a very interesting story, would it!

I also want to thank Duke for sharing the submission with byopvr and byopvr community!

TVHarmony: Tivo Tools->Scheduled Downloads, Tivo2MPEG, Tivo2PSP

Posted on 09 October 2005 by

Our good friends over at TVHarmony have launched some new TiVo related PC software applications including the very cool TVHarmony AutoPilot which allows you to schedule the downloading and processing of .tivo files from your Tivo2Go network connected Series 2 Tivo. Very handy. each night I transfer certain shows to get archived off my Tivo and onto my PC for longer term storage/archive/use.

Two additional Tivo related utilities include Tivo2PSP and Tivo2MPEG

“Tivo2PSP and Tivo2MPEG are simple utilities that convert tivo files into Sony PSP compatible files (MP4) and standard MPEG2 formats.”

SilentPC Review Recommended Hard Drives

Posted on 08 October 2005 by

The excellen quiet/silent PC resource and review site Silent PC Review has posted their latest Recommended (Quiet) Hard Drives list

via HTPCnews

Tom’s Hardware: Building The Ultimate Home Theater PC

Posted on 05 October 2005 by

Building The Ultimate Home Theater PC howto article over at Tom’s hardware.

“Hype aside, is it really possible to build a PC that is quiet and does everything that a high-end remote-controlled set-top box can do? And don’t forget it’s got to look good in your living room, too.”

See the new DIY PVR FAQ/WIKI for more DIY PVR HTP HowTo articles (or add any howto articles that we are missing!)

Thanks to gstiles for pointing out the article to me 😉

EDIT/UPDATE This has been posted to slashdot and is linking to here so brace for impact /. Building The Ultimate Home Theater PC thanks to PlanetJay for submitting the article so that our server get’s a beat down from the /. hordes 🙂 be sure to check out his mini-itx PVR project in a satellite receiver case mod!!!