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Microsoft Announces CableCARD Support (Q4 2006)

Posted on 16 November 2005 by

Thomas Hawk has the scoop: Microsoft Announces CableCARD Support (Q4 2006)

“it’s official: expect to see CableCARD HDTV Support in Vista due out before Christmas next year. As those of you who read my blog know, lack of premium HDTV has been in my mind the single biggest flaw for the Media Center product. Although there were rumors that this was on the way it is nice to see it announced officially.”

From the press release:

“Microsoft Corp. and Cable Television Laboratories Inc. (CableLabs(R)) today announced they have reached an agreement that will allow Microsoft and PC manufacturers to bring to market digital-cable-ready Windows(R) Media Center-based PCs in the holiday 2006 time frame.

These Media Center PCs, capable of supporting a CableCARD(TM) module, will allow consumers to enjoy one-way cable programming, including premium high-definition cable content, on their personal computer and throughout the home on compliant network-connected devices, such as Xbox 360(TM), while protecting cable operators’ investments in high-value content in a digital environment. Microsoft is working closely with CableLabs to document final approval of Windows Media(R) Digital Rights Management (DRM) as a content protection technology for OpenCable(TM) products that receive one-way cable content under the terms of this agreement.”

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SnapStream HDTV BeyondTV 4 Now Shipping!

SnapStream HDTV BeyondTV 4 Now Shipping!

Posted on 10 November 2005 by

It’s November 10th and that means it’s SnapStream BeyondTV 4 release day!

“Beyond TV 4 marks the first major release of SnapStream’s award-winning PC PVR software in two and a half years. This release is a major step forward for us and for the PC PVR space as a whole. Beyond TV 4 adds major features such as support for digital television and HDTV, recording and “ShowSqueeze”ing shows to the popular DivX format, and advanced TV search capabilities.”

See BeyondTV 4 is HERE! SnapStream blog post for some more details/background!

Also see the Official BeyondTV 4 press release

UPDATE: SnapStream is busy today with lots of news: SnapStream Media Announces Support for Market-Leading Digital / HDTV Tuner Cards from ATI Technologies, AVerMedia®, and DViCO –> “SnapStream’s newly released Beyond TV 4 to be jointly marketed by SnapStream and manufacturers to both new and existing digital ATSC tuner card customers”

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SageTV to iPod software

Posted on 09 November 2005 by

Get all your SageTV content automatically transcoded and syncronized for the iPod.

Inveterate DIY describes software he has created that will automatically scan your SageTV video directory. When new content arrives, it will automatically be transcoded (h264 or mpeg4) for the iPod, added to iTunes and updated onto your iPod. It organizes each show into a separate video playlist. A 1/2hr TV show encoded in mpeg4 takes up ~70Mb of space on your iPod. At that rate, you can keep your entire SageTV library on your iPod all the time. Very cool!

Schedule Recordings on your TiVo from Yahoo! TV

Posted on 07 November 2005 by

Schedule Recordings on your TiVo from Yahoo! TV

    Yahoo! and TiVo have partnered to give you the ultimate remote control: the Web! Now you can schedule recordings on your TiVo® box from any internet connection. From any Yahoo! TV episode page, just click “Record to my TiVo box”.

    Your request will be automatically sent to your home the next time your TiVo box connects. Please allow one hour if your TiVo is connected to broadband through your home network, 36 hours if your TiVo uses dialup.

BeyondTV4 HDTV Version To Be Released Nov. 10th

Posted on 06 November 2005 by

The long wait for BeyondTV 4 is almost over. SnapStream has announced that BeyondTV 4 will be released on November 10th.

If you purchased BTV3 after june the upgrade is free. Existing BeyondTV 3 users can upgrade for a limited time to BeyondTV 4 for $29.99. More details in the SnapStream blog post

SageTV 4 (HDTV) Released!

Posted on 02 November 2005 by

SageTV 4 released!

SageTV 4 SageTV Adds HDTV Support to SageTV Media Center Version 4.0 for Windows

Stay tuned for updates and more information.
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Broadcast Flag on Steroids (again!) and The Analog Hole Closing Legislation

Posted on 01 November 2005 by

Some Scary Halloween Broadcast Flag/Analog Hole legislation has come to D.C.

“Here’s what the proposed law says, in a nutshell:

Every consumer analog video input device manufactured in the United States will be, within a year, forced to obey not one, but two new copy restriction technologies: a watermarking system called VEIL, and a rights system called CGMS-A (we’ve covered CGMS-A before; we’ll talk a bit more about VEIL soon). “

EFF “blog” entry with the broadcast flag scoop

Original EFF broadcast flag page and here’s a PDF of the draft of the legislation… it’s been nicknamed “Broadcast Flag on Steroids” 🙁

Choice quote from [email protected] This is like the Broadcast Flag on steroids. The Broadcast Flag only covered TV receivers. This covers everything with an analog video input. If this had been around in 1976, the VCR would have been illegal. Today, it would ban Mythtv, every tuner-card in the market, and boxes like ElGato’s eyeTV the Slingbox and the Orb and the vPod. This is a proposal to turn huge classes of technology into something that exists only at the sufferance of the studios.

Google DVR?

Posted on 01 November 2005 by

Could Google be working on a DVR to expand into TV advertising? Speculation is brewing.

A DVR that lets you “Log In” with your Google Account before you begin your television watching would allow Google to serve up relevant ads based on: the program you are watching, your search history, the type of emails you have received in the past 24 hours (excluding spam hopefully), or anything else Google can track

It is very possible that Google is creating their own branded digital television DVR / satellite service.

See Slashdot: Google DVRs and TV Advertising and Google has and registered article