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10% Discount Coupon Code for PCAlchemy

10% Discount Coupon Code for PCAlchemy

Posted on 26 December 2005 by

To thank the BYOPVR community for helping to make 2005 a successful year is offering a 10% discount on a single purchase. The coupon expires on 12/31/2005 and there is no minimum order amount required.

To redeem the 10% discount coupon code you must have a account and enter the following redemption code on the Check Out Payment page:

Redeem Code : EXPIRED

Rampy says–>Thanks to everyone at for their continued support of this site, for being an integral part of the HTPC/DIY PVR community, and for improving the asthetic/WAF of HTPC projects everywhere!

UPDATE As the clock ticked down and the ball dropped on 2005 so did this offer. Look for other deals in the future! This offer has expired.

New version of Mediate HTPC software

Posted on 22 December 2005 by

Mediate a little known HTPC software has just been updated to version 1.4.0. If you’re looking for an easy to configure and simple to use interface for music, movies and digital photographs it is definitely worth a look. Mediate can be found at

ATI Announces All In Wonder 2006

Posted on 22 December 2005 by

ATI announces their new All In Wonder 2006 PCI Express Edition bundled with Adobe® Premiere® Elements 2.0 and a MSRP of $199.

UPDATE AnandTech preview/review of the AIW 2006 PCIe

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Nielsen to collect DVR user data

Posted on 22 December 2005 by

Finally, your DVR viewing will matter towards ratings

    Nielsen Media Research will begin measuring the viewing of digital video recorders next week, but it will be a while before time-shifted ratings will find their way into the everyday currency of networks and ad buyers.

    Responding to the requests of clients who wanted to know how DVR use affected viewing, Nielsen will now offer three ratings per program and network: Live, Live/Same Day (which includes same-day playback via DVR) and Live+7 Day Ratings (live along with time-shifted viewing up to 168 hours after airing).

I often wondered what the DVR was doing to ratings and how it effected what I see on TV. My fear was, only those nitwits that were behind the times were being counted, and God only knows what kinds of shows THEY like to watch!

Girder 4.0 Released

Posted on 19 December 2005 by

New release of Girder IR and PC automation software

New features include:

* New user interface for fast and easy application development
* Fighly customizable OSD for user notification, status reports and menus
* Flexible task scheduling with conditional event triggering
* Extremely fast event handling
* Web-based system control from any internet browser
* Standard event mapping for common remote control tasks
* Simple-to-use weather retrieval functionalities
* Lua 5 scripting with multithreading for fast, sophisticated and simultaneous actions
* Configurable integrated development environment with logging and variable inspection
* Tight integration with NetRemote
* Multimonitor control and support
* TCP/IP communication
* Audio mixer controls
* LCD and VFD support
* Extensive user manual
* And much more

SageTV 4.1 Released With Media Extender Support (MediaMVP)

Posted on 15 December 2005 by

SageTV has released SageTV 4.1 with integrated/official Media Extender Support

The Hauppauge MediaMVP is the first Media Extender supported

If you already have a MediaMVP you can buy the Media Extender license separately. (previously you’d just use a SageTV Client install/license when using the community grown MediaMVP extender) There also seems to be a process where you can swap/upgrade your existing SageTV client licenses for MediaMVP specific ones.

We’re big fans of using the MediaMVP as a Media extender over a network.

GBPVR Maintenance Release v0.95.16

Posted on 15 December 2005 by

Everybody’s favorite free windows PVR/HTPC GBPVR released an incremental update to address some issues that surfaced from the previous version. See the official gbpvr forum announcement for details.

ChangeLog 2005-12-8 v0.95.16
– Removed feature that deletes files via the recycle bin. It seems to cause a problem for some users, and I cant be bothered looking into it.
– Fixed a bug that could cause guide recordings to be saved in the ‘manual recordings’ folder.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the next song in playlist to not automatically start playing with UseWindowsMediaPlayerForAudio set to true.
– Fixed a bug with screen saver on MVP.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the MVP to disconnect under certain circumstance relating to drawing the screen.
– Changed version of ffmpeg to try an find a version which works well for both MVP ‘on the fly’ MPEG transcoding, and PSP file conversion.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the config app to not start

DViCO FusionHDTV5 USB Gold Hands-On Review

Posted on 13 December 2005 by

eHomeUpgrade has a thorough review of the FusionHDTV5 USB Tuner

rampy–>Thanks for the news submission ahab! I’ve been busy so the news page has gotten a little slow, expect it to pick up soon!

ChrisTV 4.80 with support for ATI Theater 550 PRO

Posted on 10 December 2005 by

ChrisTV is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Software designed to control analog TV Cards, Graphic Cards with Video Input (VIVO), Combo Cards (Graphic Card and TV Card), Webcams, DVcam Capture that have WDM Drivers(Windows Driver Model) compatible with DirectShow specifications.

  • Timeshifting feature,
  • Improved support for Hauppauge PVR series TV Cards, ATI Theater 550 PRO TV Cards.
  • Recording using any audio/video codecs installed on user’s PC advanced recording settings,
  • MPEG 1/2 Hardware recording,
  • TVgenial scripting interface, you can add/delete recording scheduled task directly from TVgenial.
  • Advanced Scheduler Settings.
  • Sleep Timer.
  • Radio FM support,
  • Channel autoScan with fine tuning,
  • Customize each channel properties, support for dscaler deinterlace directshow filter,
  • Zoom feature,
  • Teletext,
  • Winlirc Support,
  • Image Processing filters (only in Professional version),
  • Image capture,
  • Mosaic with all your channels,
  • Slideshow,
  • Support for more than 25 languages.
  • Supported Capture Devices List can be found here : Supported Capture Devices List
    Download : Download ChrisTV 4.80
    Screenshots :Click here
    Website :Chris P.C. srl Homepage
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  • HTPC Holiday Buying Guide @ HTPCnews!

    Posted on 05 December 2005 by

    The gang over at HTPCnews has posted a very helpful and informative Holiday HTPC buying guide 2005 edition

    “It’s that time of year again, the wonderful holidays where people are looking for ideas on gifts. We put together an article outlining the best bang for the buck HTPC parts and even included three priced out complete HTPC’s. Dollar values for these three machines are $1001, $1320 and even a complete machine for under 800 bucks.”

    Definitely bookmark and leave this page open on the family desktop if you want Santa to be good to you this year 😉