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ExtremeTech Compares Nvidia vs ATI on Picture Quality!

Posted on 31 January 2006 by

ExtremeTech ATI vs Nvidia Picture Quality Shootout

Graphics cards are all about 3D, right? Read most graphics card reviews, anywhere on the ‘net or in print, and you’ll see they focus almost entirely on 3D performance and features. We understand this because that’s why we would buy these expensive devices in the first place. Windows 2D performance is essentially a solved problem (at least until Windows Vista), so what else is there for the graphics card to do?

One word: video. Video on the PC is tremendously popular. Now with the PC’s emerging role as a media device for the living room, video becomes even more important.

Both ATI and Nvidia have been touting their video quality and performance lately, and both have chosen to market the video experience.

See also Slashdotter’s take on the Nvidia vs ATI article

Just You Wait… New Giveaway is Coming: 2partsfusion

Posted on 30 January 2006 by

Hold on to your hats, and be sure to check back in a day and a half as there’s a pretty cool giveaway/contest that’ll be ready to start on the 2nd of Feb. thanks to the guys at 2PartsFusion!

All I can tell you till then is that it’s nice bundle of stuff to set off either your first PC PVR or augment an existing one 🙂 I’ve said to much… thanks again to 2PartsFusion for stepping up to the plate with the giveaway to be (shortly).

New CTPVR Beta Release 1.15B07

Posted on 25 January 2006 by

CTPVR releases version 1.15B07, “…With a major improvement in the recording engine. Easily making it the most improved version to date.”

New in 1.15B07
PVR Items:
The Recording engine now smarter and faster.
Check for zero byte file to reinitialize recording.
• Fixed – Multi PVR-150 tuner management.
• Fixed – Channel buttons in window mode skin.
• Fixed – Incorrect channel scrolling the Info panel.
• Added – Start CTpvr with Hauppauge remotes.
• Changed – Live TV picture quality set to default.
• Changed -Grouping of Pause Buffer files.

CommandIR Mini Linux IR Blaster is HERE!

Posted on 23 January 2006 by

Mark from CommandIR passed this along: “Thanks to a successful Beta testing group, in part with the community, we’re releasing CommandIR Mini – the new multi-IR blaster for Linux-based PVR’s. The CommandIR Mini works with LIRC to simplify the control of multiple set top boxes – even when they are identical and would normally interfere – because each device gets its own independently controlled micro IR-emitter! We hope it will be very useful to DIY Linux users with PVRs and general AV automation. “

The cost is $149 CDN + Micro emitters, but the BYOPVR $40 discount will reduce it. NOTE: (place for ‘BYOPVR’ coupon entering is on 2nd page)

Previous byopvr coverage of the CommandIR mini IR blaster CommandIR Support site for questions & support

Godzilla PVR 11 tuner (4 HDTV + 7 SDTV tuners)

Posted on 19 January 2006 by

SnapStream has done it again. This time, their monster system has 11 tuners in all and a terrabyte of storage space.

Godzilla 11 tuner Snapstream PVR (4 HDTV tuners, 7 SDTV tuners)!

Wow! That’s just so sick on so many levels…. see also SlashDot coverage of Snapstream’s godzilla PVR

Nvidia CES roundup: HDMI, HDTV, h.264 oh my!

Posted on 12 January 2006 by

Lots of news out of the Nvidia camp from CES 2006.

First up, Nvidia delivers first HDMI video card solution for Sony HTPC (press release)

Nvidia demo’s hardware accelerated h.264 forceware drivers for both 6xxx and 7xxx gpu’s!

“NVIDIA showed us a demo of their upcoming Forceware drivers with support for hardware accelerated h.264 decoding. Unlike ATI’s h.264 hardware decoding that is limited to X1000 series of GPU’s, NVIDIA is supporting h.264 hardware decoding in all PURE Video compatible GPU’s. The above demo was of a 6600 series GPU playing back a 1080p h.264/AVC video clip. The video was very smooth and did not drop any frames.”

Anandtech scoop on an HDTV-DVD notebook which also mentions the h.264 pure video decoding hardware acceleration.

Finally here’s a Nvidia press release roundup of what Nvidia demo’d at CES 2006 this year.

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Open Source IR Mapping Software: Remote 2 Key

Posted on 11 January 2006 by

Control your PVR with Remote 2 Key It’s similar in concept to Girder, it’s free and it’s open source.

Remote 2 Key allows you to control your computer with a remote control. It converts IR signals from your remote control into key strokes using customizable mapping files. It’s similar in concept to Girder. Remote 2 Key can be used to control your PVR application if it lacks support for the USB-UIRT receiver.

To use this software, you need an infrared receiver connected to your computer to pick up the signals from your remote control. Remote 2 Key currently supports the USB-UIRT receiver, available from Receivers are implemented in a “pluggable” fasion, so it’s easy for software developers to add support for other receivers.

Learn more at

PVR/HTPC 2006 CES Coverage

Posted on 06 January 2006 by

I couldn’t make it to Vegas for the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year 🙁

But looks like some of the guys at HTPCnews did! Here’s there first entry of CES 2006 PVR related news. I imgagine they’ll be updating frequently with lots of cool pics and inside info on upcoming products.

UPDATES More HTPCnews first day CES 2006 coverage in Vegas

Preliminary Day 2 CES coverage more to come re: day 2.

SageTV Releases SageTV Media Center Linux Edition!

Posted on 05 January 2006 by

The highly anticipated Linux release of SageTV Media Center is upon us. It is targeted towards OEM/system integrators but I’ve got to imagine there’s quite a few individual linux enthusiasts that will hop all over a linux flavor of SageTV.

“SageTV Media Center for Linux OEM Edition is the easiest way way to turn your PC into a reliable Linux powered PVR, Music and Photos Media Center for just $79.95. Works with almost any PC hardware.

Avoid frequent reboots, updates and viruses of other PC operating systems and enjoy and entertain yourself and your family more with SageTV Media Center for Linux OEM Edition.

Easy to setup, insert the install CD and run through the simple installation steps and turn your PC into a Linux powered SageTV Media Center.

ReplayTV to Offer PC PVR Software Version

Posted on 03 January 2006 by

It looks like set top box PVR early mover ReplayTV is making the paradigm shift to release their PVR software for PC. They are even partnering with DIY PVR TV tuner mainstay Hauppauge!

For those that don’t remember, ReplayTV had a loyal following and several unique/advanced features including automagic commercial detection/skip. ReplayTV came with network capability right out of the box with ethernet jacks (no need for a stupid USB dongle) built in and the ability to transfer shows to PC or other units (years before Tivo). Their features were so advanced at the time that some of them drew the ire of the MPAA and after some sort of legal process cool features like sharing content with other ReplayTV owners over the internet were phased out/rescinded.

Press Release below:

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