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News Round Up: PS3 DVR, Modded MythTV Xbox, & Tivo Super Bowl Ads

Posted on 06 February 2006 by

A little Super Sunday hangover news edition:

Sony Playstation 3 to include DVR capability?

Article to use modded xbox as a mythtv client/frontend… if modded xbox is your thing, also check out Xbox Media Center: XBMC

Tivo announces the most Super Bowl Commercials based upon viewing behavior which is both cool and creepy at the same time. I really don’t want to know how Tivo HQ interprets my pause/rewind/slowmo usage during “Dancing with the Stars” but I digress…

In other Tivo news: Tivo get’s a Wired Vaporware award for HDTV Tivo and Tivo2go for the mac

2PartsFusion Sponsored Giveaway! ATI X800, SageTv, and PVR150!

2PartsFusion Sponsored Giveaway! ATI X800, SageTv, and PVR150!

Posted on 01 February 2006 by

UPDATE: This Giveaway is CLOSED

2 Parts Fusion, builders of fine customized Media Servers, has stepped to the plate and sponsored an ultra cool bundle of PVR components to giveaway at BYOPVR including: SageTV 4 PVR Software, ATI Radeon X800XL 256 MB PCI-Express Video card, and a Hauppauge PVR 150 MCE TV Tuner Card!

You’ll need to be a registered byopvr forum user and signed in to the forum to participate in the contest. Full rules and instructions on how to enter are posted in the Official 2 Parts Fusion BYOPVR Giveaway Thread.

UPDATE: This Giveaway is CLOSED

Remote 2 Key 0.4 – Now supports the IR Trans receiver

Posted on 01 February 2006 by

Remote 2 Key 0.4 has been released, and includes beta support for the IR Trans receiver. IR Trans is the second receiver to be supported by Remote 2 Key, the first being USB-UIRT.

Remote 2 Key allows you to control your computer with a remote control. It converts IR signals from your remote control into simulated key strokes directed at an application of your choice, using customizable mapping files. It’s similar in concept to Girder, although does not have so many features and is less complex. Remote 2 Key can be used to control your PVR application if it lacks support for the USB-UIRT or IR Trans receivers.

Try it out at