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BeyondTV 4.2 released

Posted on 27 March 2006 by

Beyond TV 4.2 was released last Friday. Beyond TV 4.2’s new features include:

– Record On Any Channel allows scheduling a show to be recorded on any channel that it airs on.
– Added statistics page at statistics page (login required)
(Note: To participate in this data collection, choose to “Enable advanced features” in the installer or “SnapsStream.NET Settings-> Enable Advanced Features” in the Web Admin.)
– Faster and more reliable guide updates
– Enhanced Firefly Mini support in Beyond TV Link
– Added Transport Stream Resolution to the Full Screen Theater Improvements
– Reduced memory usage when “Smartchaptering” ATSC recordings.
– Expand “Padding” option to allow for ten minutes

You can download Version 4.2 (update) here: BeyondTV 4.2 update download

More info about the Beyond TV 4.2 release, in this

PVR/DVR Online Survey

Posted on 27 March 2006 by

Received an interesting email the other day. A company is doing some research on DIY PVR/HTPC users (presumably in relation to an upcoming product).

“We’re very interested in feedback from experienced DVR and Home Theater
PC users. We believe this is critical in providing our customers the
best possible solution.”

Participate in an Online Survey about (DIY) PVR/DVRs

If you’d like check out this 44 question survey and tell them about what you like and don’t like about your setup and some general information about your setup/viewing habits (i.e. number of hours/type of programs watched).

Mini-ITX Linux PVR

Posted on 24 March 2006 by

Home theater PCs have taken many shapes and forms, perhaps none more interesting than this Mini-ITX PVR. In part three of its Mini-ITX project, XYZ Computing has turned its Mini-ITX box into a Linux PVR, using Ubuntu and MythTV. This is a lot of computer in a very small package and designing it, putting it together, and then getting it to work was an interesting process. The article is a great guide for people who are interested in their own Mini-ITX Linux PVR, but also goes over the problems and pitfalls with a built like this

Yakov’s 500 DVD 5 terabyte HTPC Server

Posted on 22 March 2006 by

Yakov’s 500-DVD server up on CNET’s “show me your living room” feature.

Welcome to my living room setup. The TV is a Zenith D60WLCD rear-projection LCD. I have a lot of DVDs, but instead of getting a DVD changer, I decided to do something different, as you can see from the Meedio onscreen interface.

“I built a 5-terabyte media server with 20 250GB hard drives–it uses a pair of 500-watt power supplies and has 12 fans running full blast to keep cool. It stores more than 500 of my DVDs, categorized by title, director etc., which it streams to my home-theater PC over a gigabit Ethernet connection.””

I have only one comment: Since I live in Connecticut, Road Trip to Yakov’s!!!

Welcome Visitors from Wired News, Digg, etc!

Posted on 08 March 2006 by

Welcome to all the folks pouring in from the wired news: Build Your Own PVR, Then Trash it article or via Digg link/frontpage

Feel free to poke around and read some of the articles, reviews, or post a question/comment in the forum (no registration required in the forum if you prefer), or check out the DIY DVR HTPC wiki / FAQ section. Have fun and thanks for visiting… hope you stick around/stay to join our homebrew PVR/DVR HTPC community!

Upcoming Review: Vbox Cat's Eye USB ATSC/HDTV Tuner

Upcoming Review: Vbox Cat’s Eye USB ATSC/HDTV Tuner

Posted on 08 March 2006 by sam

Quick heads up: The BYOPVR pot is simmering and the review of Vbox’s USB HDTV/ATSC tuner review is almost ready (it just needs a garnish)! Look for it tomorrow.

In the meantime some links of interest to whet your appetite (an appetizer if you will)

PCAlchemy Cat’s Eye USB 3560, Firefly Remote, BeyondTV SE Bundle
PC Magazine Building a PVR article used a Vbox Cat’s Eye USB HDTV/ATSC tuner and seemed to like it.
As did ExtremeTech’s Dual-Core HDTV Media PC/HTPC build (they used both the vbox Cat’s Eye 150 PCI card and the USB 3560 in their configuration).

Of course as soon as one review nears completion, another one piques my curiousity. VBox Announces Cat’s Eye eDTA-164, A Dual-Tuner PCI Express card

Firefly Mini IR Remote Now Available

Firefly Mini IR Remote Now Available

Posted on 08 March 2006 by

I may have jumped the gun slightly with last weeks announcement; The SnapStream Firefly Mini IR remote is NOW available in the SnapStream Store.

Snapstream Blog Firefly Mini IR remote announcement and here is the Official Firefly Mini Product page. They’ve recently posted a mini-howto on the SnapStream blog that explains how to teach the FireFly mini a few new tricks

g808 who posted this blurb in the forum about the firefly mini:”It’s a smaller, scaled down IR version of their Firefly remote. It’s not for everyone since the range won’t be quite as good, and you cannot program the buttons. But if you have a universal remote you can program the mini into it and use the mini’s IR receiver and use one remote to control everything without messing with middleware like Girder, HIP, or Remote2Key.”

The fact that it is recognized right out of the box without any middleware/drivers as a HID compliant USB device is wicked cool! I think I’m going to have to break down and get one of these (if I can part with my RF firefly that is) and a logitech harmony remote to make the uber one remote to rule them all set up! Damn my gadget fetish!

BYOPVR Forum Members Ingenuity: Build Your Own HTPC Case?!

Posted on 07 March 2006 by

Saw 2 cool projects that I wanted to highlight:

Menace built a HTPC case from scratch out of recycled aluminum stock!

Also of note/interest: rickolous has added some cool photos of his setup to the byopvr flickr photo pool (*cough cough* shouldn’t your project be posted up there too!) In any case check out his LEGO built HTPC/PVR case Is there anything you can’t do with LEGOS!?!? see this pic as well

You guys never cease to amaze me!

Xbox Media Center (XBMC) Script for SageTV Release

Posted on 02 March 2006 by

This is way cool! Coolwave wrote/released a script to add SageTV Client functionality to XBMC (Xbox Media Center) so that it acts much in the same manner as a SageTV client. It is missing some important features like seeing the SageTV guide, but it’s wicked impressive for a first release and I’m sure a lot of people will get some extra mileage out of their old modded xbox’s as unofficial SageTV Media Extenders.

Thanks for the heads up Jason!

Tom’s Hardware DIY HD HTPC Case Review

Posted on 01 March 2006 by

DIY HD HTPC Case review

Thanks to Miller in the forum for pointing this out

“TomsHardware (courtesy of is conducting a review of a bunch of HTPC cases. While they don’t include all the cases mentioned (@ byopvr regularly), but they do include some nice pictures and descriptions of the HTPC cases they do review. (The story is part of an on-going DIY HD HTPC article of which this is the first part.)”