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Time Warner Won’t Allow CableCard for Tivo Series 3 boxes?

Posted on 27 July 2006 by

This could be a harbinger of things to come. Time Warner won’t provide CableCARDs for Series 3 TiVos?

…a complaint on the website ConsumerFury contends that Time Warner Cable’s Raleigh division responded to a recent customer inquiry on the matter by stating that “Time Warner Cable of Raleigh does not provide support for or allow TiVo devices on our cable network…CableCARDS will only be installed on cable-ready, CableCARD-slot-available television sets.”

Now this could be just a handful of bad customer service reps, or it could be an indication of cable companies circling the wagons to protect their inhouse DVR products/sales. In any case, if the cable companies take this type of stance with Tivo Series 3 boxes, I’m not sure what hope future HTPC based CableCard systems might have.

Tivo Series3 (HD / CableCard Tivo) Coming Soon?

Posted on 19 July 2006 by

From the hopeful, yet I believe it when I see it department… TiVo Confirms Series3 Testing, Hitting Retail “Soon”

You’ll need two cablecards to get dual tuner action, but it’s better than being stuck with the cable company’s generic HDTV DVR, isn’t it? (Tivo better hope so, anyways!)

I’m hopeful that this will be the first of many cablecard DVR products on the market, including eventually, hopefully a PC version.

YouTube Plugin for Windows Media Center

Posted on 18 July 2006 by

This is cool! YouTube plugin for Windows Media Center 2005 I’d love to see YouTube, ifilm, google video, plugins/browsing utilities for other 3rd party pvr software as well (unless it already exists? Bueller?)