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Round Up: XP Tweak Guide, BeyondTV MediaMVP Live TV, & Fall TV Lineup

Posted on 23 August 2006 by

The always helpful g808 posted some cool links in the forum…

Yahoo’s guide to the new Fall TV season makes a nice complement to the previous SnapStream Project Hoover post.

Romanoj has got Live TV streaming to MediaMVP working with BeyondTV This gives you another option besides GBPVR and SageTV if you want to utilize a MediaMVP as a network media extender or just add additional TV sets to your uber-HTPC setup.

The Mother of All Windows XP Tweaking Guides has more XP tweaks and config tips than you can shake a 100 page plus PDF at…. er… Helpful for getting the most out of an older system or streamlining your HTPC’s performance.

SnapStream HowTo: Project Hoover “Suck up ALL the shows!”

Posted on 21 August 2006 by

SnapStream howto article on Project Hoover! (you don’t know how hard it is for me NOT to make a Mel Brook’s SpaceBalls reference right now!)

“Zack walks people through building a multi-tuner PC PVR with Beyond TV and then using it to record every new show in the new Fall season (which officially begins tonight). He’s also included a Google Calendar in the article of all the season opening dates and he has a whole set of tips on optimizing viewing/selection at the beginning of the season. It’s a fun article, check it out. “

Lots of good info/insight and tips on building a 6 tuner box to suck down more TV than anyone should ever be able to watch 🙂

SnapStream Releases BeyondTV 4.4

Posted on 21 August 2006 by

SnapStream releases their latest revision to their PC PVR Software, BeyondTV 4.4

From the BeyondTV release notes:

– Support for KWorld ATSC-TV 310U USB capture card.
– Support for serial tuning on Samsung TS-360.
– Update notification for Beyond TV for newer versions.
– Changing a recording from “All” to “New Episodes” within the ViewScape and WebAdmin without having to delete the job.

More insight from the SnapStream Blog:

There isn’t a lot of glittery new stuff in this version, but a number of under-the-hood fixes. All part of our commitment to deliver the most reliable and easiest to user PVR product for the PC.

The one other thing worth mentioned about this release is that the Web Admin, for the first time, includes contributions from our community. We opened up the Web Admin source code under a shared source license with the last release of Beyond TV.”

The Myth of the Living-Room PC: No Apple iTV Yet

Posted on 08 August 2006 by blog commentary The Myth of the Living-Room PC: Why you don’t have an Apple iTV

It’s been nearly a year since Apple added downloadable videos and a couch-surfing remote to its lineup. How are those doing, Steve? One more question: How come none of my Apple-loving geek buddies have Macs in their living rooms? It’s not just Apple that’s failed to invade the living room.”

UPDATENow there’s finally an Apple iTV video device Needs Help

Posted on 03 August 2006 by

One of the other more helpful DIY PVR / HTPC resources on the web (well besides *this one*!) has put up a very modest plea for donations.

SHSpvr has been an excellent resource for information, details, support, and of course beta drivers for hauppauge cards for a long time. If you have the means, please consider chipping in a few ducats to help SHSpvr with his site.

If can help me reach a goal $350 to have work done here on which I can not do.

As of today 8/03/2006 there was $53.18 (left over) from past Donations
Please go HERE and click on PayPal Donate image

If you don’t wish to signup on PayPal for what ever reason you may have and you would still like to help please email shspvr AT and he can provide you with his mailing address.

Thank you from Anthony Toste aka SHSPVR.