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Possible Issues With Windows Media Center 2005 October Rollup?

Posted on 27 October 2006 by

PVRwire asks: Are there problems with the October 2006 Rollup for Windows MCE 2005?

A few days ago I wrote about a new update available from Microsoft, the October 2006 Update Rollup for MCE, and it seems like there may be some issues with the patch. Some readers left comments for the post and there seems to be problems related to the update.

Chris was having trouble with what appears to be a DRM issue and Mike seemed to be having a slew of issues, including network cutouts, video decoding problems and stability issues. I myself have also had an issue with my MCE which required me to start rebuilding it last night, however I can not confirm that it is due directly to this patch.”

How MythTV Detects Commercials

Posted on 27 October 2006 by

Interesting article and youtube video via PVRwire: How MythTV detects commercials

here’s the original article

New GBPVR Release v0.98.13 available

Posted on 21 October 2006 by

New GBPVR v0.98.13 available GBPVR is an excellent FREE windows based PVR and media center (or media centre if you prefer!) solution…

*whats new* 2006-9-20 v0.98.13
– Much improved ATSC HDTV support, including new channel scanning functionality.
– Added ATSC QAM support (digital cable) for the OnAir USB HDTV GT device.
– Added support for ViXS based capture cards.
– Added support for new Hauppauge HVR3000/HVR4000 devices including DVB-T, DVB-S and software encoding analog. These devices have one tuner for DVB-S, and another for DVB-T/analog, so these two can be done at the same time. HVR1100/900 could also work in theory with this software encoding, but will require updates to direct.ini. To support the analog side of these devices, GB-PVR reuses several SoftPVR components, so this Hauppauge supplied software must have been installed.
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error stopping live tv with analog devices
– Minor improvement to DVB-T scanning
– Fixed a bug where the left arrow key was not successfully deleting a character when typing a freetext search in the search guide screen. Made things difficult on the MVP.
– Improvements to the DVB EPG option.
– WMV playback on the MVP now uses ffmpeg for transcoding instead of the old trans2mvp method
– Fixed a bug that could cause an error when stopping net radio playback when using ‘VMR9 Custom’ video renderer
– Integrated functionality for system sounds, much like that available previously in the BleepBloop plugin. Can be enabled/disabled in the Settings screen. Works with all remote types (MCE, Hauppauge, Direct Access etc). Not available on MVP.
– Fixed a bug with the built-in MCE2005 IR Blaster support
– Fixed a problem with learning the ASPECT key when using an USB-UIRT remote control.
– Improved volume control, including OSD graphics. (not for MVP – I have very little control over the volume on the MVP, and no way to determine what the volume is)
– Fixed a bug that could cause live tv to not exit cleanly on an MVP when the tuner needs to be used for a recording.
– Fixed a view bugs with the DVD player, and improved compatibility with DVD nagivators from Cyberlink, Intervideo etc.

Hauppauge WinTV HVR 950 HDTV Dongle Works With BeyondTV

Posted on 20 October 2006 by

Hauppauge’s new HVR-950 works with Beyond TV

Hauppauge’s latest TV tuner, the HVR-950, is a little USB stick that supports recording over-the-air HDTV. We’re happy to say that we’ve tested it with Beyond TV 4.4 and it works like a charm. So if you have an HVR-950, go ahead and download the 21-day trial of Beyond TV. And if you are new to using your PC for HDTV, check out our HDTV Setup Center.

The HVR-950 is Hauppauge’s first ATSC TV tuner in a very long time and their very first to include BDA drivers (BDA stands for “broadcast driver architecture” and it’s the way you have to write your TV tuner drivers for it to work with Beyond TV or any other PVR software out there). We’re glad to see Hauppauge getting into the game on HDTV tuners!”

previous Hauppauge WinTV HVR 950 coverage

ChrisTV Version 4.99 Released

Posted on 17 October 2006 by

New version of ChrisTV PVR software :

Version 4.99 changelog :
– Added support for HP USB PVR card and other compatible Emuzed PVR capture devices.
– Added the option to fix timeshift and recording problems when using USB capture devices which have audio rendering devices as audio capture source.
– Fixed sound volume setting issue when using DirectX audio interface for some TV cards.
– Fixed no sound problems while using TimeShift for some software encoding TV cards.
– Some minor fixes and optimizations in the AVI recording module.
– Fixed video rendering problems for capture devices that do not have video preview pin.
– Fixed some issues with Blackbird denoise filter settings.

For more details visit ChrisTV website

The DVD and Movie Jukebox in my Basement

Posted on 11 October 2006 by

*drool* … Seth Miller describes to the Snapstream Blog his DVD and Movie Jukebox Setup in my Basement

After years of yearning to bring the true theater experience home, I have finally succeeded. My home now boasts a theater that will engulf you in the movie experience, tower over you with special not meant for mere television and bring a library of over 175 movies no more than the push of a button away, a jukebox of movies from TV and DVD. This theater was built on a limited budget, but boasts all the features that I’ve been dreaming of since I first heard someone say, “home theater”.

The PC is running Snapstream’s Beyond TV and Beyond Media. Since I am talking about the home theater experience, I will focus on Beyond Media, and in particular, a piece of pure programming genius, and every tech fiend’s best friend, the DVD library plug-in. This plug-in, allows me to store, organize and watch a library of over 175 movies and growing.

Tivo Series 3 “Self Destruct Button” Destructs – (DRM Macrovision)

Posted on 11 October 2006 by

TiVo’s Series 3 Macrovision”self-destruct button” destructs

The Macrovision DRM in the new TiVo Series3 recorders is so broken that just having the wrong piece of equipment attached to your TV can cause it to register some shows as un-savable to your VCR, DVD recorder, etc. TiVo characterizes this as a glitch, but that’s not the whole story.

By including Macrovision with its products, TiVo is designing a product that is intended to control its owner and treat its owner (TiVo’s customer) as an attacker. They’ve added a swatch of functions that act directly against a user’s interests (there’s no time at which it’s in a user’s interest to have her device refuse to record a show the user wants to record). In so doing, they’ve created a bunch of potential failures in which the user is locked out of her own equipment.

It’s like those movies where an accident or a bad guy triggers the “self-destruct button” on a spaceship. Often the self-destruct button is locked away behind plexiglas and padlocks for safety, but wouldn’t it be safer not to include a single command that blows up the whole space-ship?

TiVo’s problem is a “glitch” but the reason they’re having this kind of glitch is that there’s a single command that can tell the TiVo to stop listening to its owner. Wouldn’t it be better if TiVo didn’t build in any technology that attacks its customers? “

See the CNET Tivo Series 3 Review

Set up a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for recorded video

Posted on 09 October 2006 by

PVRwire brings up some good points in the Set up a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for recorded video blogpost before sending you to this Howto: Setup Network Attached storage article.

It’s amazing how many videos you can soon build up, and how quickly your hard drive space may disappear.

What’s more, if you are anything like me you find it very hard pressing that delete button and just love to hoard all those videos, just in case you want to watch them again.

You’ll soon find yourself with the problem of disappearing hard drive space and video scattered among all the different PCs in the house. What’s the answer? A network attached storage (NAS) device.”

Who Killed TivoToGo in Series 3 HD Tivo’s? (DRM)

Posted on 03 October 2006 by

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an excellent article about the conspicuous absense of TivoToGo in the new series 3 HD Tivos Lots of good info on how big media is crippling hardware needlessly.

see also the National Day Against DRM post…

National Day Against DRM

National Day Against DRM

Posted on 03 October 2006 by

Today is October 3, the International Day Against DRM — the first global day where people rise up and say no to anti-copying technology that treats you like a crook. Remember, DRM doesn’t stop “piracy” — the only people who get DRM infections are people who don’t pirate their media. You get DRM by buying your movies, music, games and books through authorized channels — the stuff you download from P2P or buy off of a blanket at a flea-market has already had the DRM cracked off of it. They say that DRM “keeps honest people honest” — but all it does is keep honest people in chains.

Here’s some things to do and read to celebrate No DRM Day:

DefectiveByDesign’s list of anti-DRM actions contains over 200 suggestions for activities you can participate in today and all year round to fight DRM. is a search-engine for DRM-free music for sale on the Internet, a single index of dozens of sites that sell or give away music without crippleware. is a site aimed at explaining DRM to the uninitiated — what DRM is, why you should care, and what you can do about it. Tell your friends!

UPDATE: I like this anti-DRM commercial by defective by design it explains very simply what’s wrong with drm.