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Happy Holidays 5% Coupon from PCAlchemy (EXPIRED)

Posted on 24 December 2006 by is celebrating the holidays with a couple of special offers.

* 5% Off a single purchase (over $100) with coupon code: pcalchemy-holiday-5
* Free Shipping on every item, no coupon necessary

Through December 31st 2006, is offering store wide Free
Shipping and a 5% discount on a single purchase over $100. To redeem
the 5% discount coupon you must have a account and enter
the following redemption code on the Check Out Payment page:

Redeem Code has expired sorry!

SageTV 6 Released

Posted on 21 December 2006 by

From my inbox: “Now users in Europe and around the globe can enjoy high quality digital TV with new DVB support in SageTV V6.

We appreciate loyal customers, if you purchased the full SageTV Media Center Version 5 you get a free upgrade to SageTV Version 6. Customers who purchased SageTV Version 4 or earlier can take advantage of our SageTV V6 holiday upgrade special and purchase an upgrade to SageTV Version 6 for only $29.99 (expires Jan 15, 2007)

Here’s the missingremote review of SageTV version 6 Beta

UPDATE: Discussion in our forum about SageTV 6 and QAM support very interesting!!!!

New GBPVR Release Coming Soon (?)

Posted on 21 December 2006 by

PVRwire reports that the latest revision to the free windows software GBPVR is currently in private beta.

I can’t wait to see what sub has got cooking in the new year for GBPVR!

VidaBox: DualHD Media Center->Blue-ray & HD-DVD format!

Posted on 12 December 2006 by

Steve from VidaBox wanted to let byopvr users know that there’s an exclusive video featuring their “DualHD” PVR/media center – the world’s first Blu-ray & HD DVD system. With both HD formats on 1 systems plus PVR functionality, this system really “does it all!” 🙂

More info @CE Pro site

Why decide blue-ray or HD-DVD when you can have both? Put that in your HiDef pipe and smoke it Sony!