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802.11awesome: Streaming HDTV Over Wifi 5 Houses Away

Posted on 02 May 2007 by

There comes a time in a homeowners life that he realizes the importance of being able to play full high-definition content from his neighbor’s house 5 doors down… wirelessly.

Never mind the fact that getting the needed 20mbit sustained wireless connection for HD inside of a single house is difficult. The prospect of playing Music, DVDs and even full resolution HDTV between houses is just too tempting.

You can read the rest of the story on how they did it over at the SnapStream Blog article Watch HDTV anywhere in the neighborhood (AKA: House to House wireless network for HDTV)

It’s about two guys here at SnapStream and their adventures setting up cross-neighborhood wireless network so they could watch DVDs and HDTV (recorded with Beyond TV, natch) from each others houses.