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Zap2it Labs Closing Free EPG Guide Data

Posted on 21 June 2007 by

Saw the bad news on Zap2It Labs via Slashdot: Zap2It Labs Discontinuing Free TV Guide Service

For several years we have offered a free TV listings service to hobbyists for their own personal, noncommercial use. In October of 2004 we posted here an open letter saying the future of Zap2it Labs was at risk because of certain growing misuses of the Zap2it Labs data. Unfortunately this misuse has continued and grown. These misuses, combined with other business factors have led to the decision to discontinue Zap2it Labs effective September 1, 2007.

We thank those users who have honored the terms of the agreement, and we suggest you consider the many TV listings options offered by the commercial licensees of TMS TV listings data.

discuss the Zap2it Labs free tv guide data closing in our forum.

It’ll be interesting to see what comes to replace this market need for guide data for Mythtv and other free PVR/HTPC software.

UPDATE: Discussion of what this means for GBPVR in the GBPVR forum. There’s a lot of smart people in the byopvr/HTPC community, I’m sure we can figure out *something* to keep the free PVR software train rolling.

ATI Radeon HD 2400 & HD 2600 HDMI/HDCP Goodness

Posted on 12 June 2007 by

ATI is shipping Radeon HD 2400 & HD 2600 with HDMI/HDCP Goodness

Both cards will also include the company’s Unified Video Decoder (UVD), are based around a 65-nanometer chip, and will support HDMI and HDCP.

Snapstream Gets a Mention in the NY Times

Posted on 07 June 2007 by

BeyondTV gets a mention in the grey lady!

Q: Q. Is it possible to plug in a TV cable to my computer and use it like a VCR to record programs?

A: A. In most cases, you just need a TV tuner card for the computer and a program to do the recording…

…Some cards include their own recording software, but programs like SnapStream’s Beyond TV ( give TiVo-like powers to your Windows PC. You can also buy the Beyond TV software bundled with a compatible TV tuner card if you haven’t made the hardware purchase yet.

NY Times Technology Q & A section (silly mandatory registration required: use to bypass)