Alchemy Mac PVR card in Washington Post

Posted on 17 May 2005 by

I saw this article over at the washington post Alchemy can turn Mac into recorder which talks about a card dubbed “Alchemy” which for $159 gives the Mac DVR capabilities.

The article links to a Miglia Technology that’s presumably the card’s manufacturer, but it’s unreachable… here’s Google Cache

I’m assuming it’s an HDTV card as the article author referred to 10 gig an hour recordings… Stay tuned, this might be something cool to look out for… if it’s legit maybe we can get one in for review.

Not sure how I feel about the “Alchemy” name as we’ve already have a PCAlchemy in the PVR / HTPC marketplace… At least it’s for Mac / OSX to differentiate itself.

The site is still slow/getting slammed. I’m confused though, I did find an old review which doesn’t seem that promising. here’s another one miglia alchemytv and another review

I’m beginning to think the washington post article isn’t quite as breakthrough and I fear, unless there’s a “new” different AlchemyTV mac card, that it’s pretty old and busted and plextor convertX PVR or the HDTV eyegato is the new hotness in the mac world. *sigh*