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AnandTech talks about HDMI

Posted on 25 January 2005 by

AnandTech discusses the finer points of HDMI audio/video connections

So, more specifically, what is HDMI? HDMI – High Definition Multimedia Interface – is actually just a logical progression on top of DVI. The video segment of the HDMI signal is actually compatible pin for pin with DVI, but in a much different package. HDMI improves on DVI by transmitting digital audio on the same interface, adding support for HDCP and also better DDC options for manufacturers.

Which begs the question: What the hell is HDCP and why is it in HDMI cables (figuratively speaking)? Ah, I see… Here’s a more standardized cable that removes the need for a separate audio run, and oops here’s some macrovision-esque wrapper embedded in there. wikipedia entry on HDCP

also see slashdot discussion on the anandtech article HDMI and What it Will Do for You