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Another BYO-Project: Custom Cables

Posted on 03 August 2005 by

Sorry its been so slow everybody, Summer School is a beating. Anyways, I was doing the rounds over at and ran across something that I thought would be cool to look into if youre a pretty hardcore BYO’er. Even if not, it would probably be interesting. Over at Revision3/Systm, the ones who brought you the MythTV How-To, they have posted a “Making High Quality A/V Cables” episode out. (direct download link) From the website:

In this episode we teach you how to make the same cables that most broadcast engineers use for their own projects and talk about why they don’t buy those expensive cables at the stores. We show you the tools and how to use them so that you can become the cable making professional you were meant to be. Finally, we show you how to organize the rat’s nest behind the TV for that professional look and a broadcast quality signal.

I’ll definately look into this, just because I like to play with solder. Until next time!