ATI Theater 650 Review and Recall

Posted on 30 August 2006 by

Check out this early ATI Theater 650 review over at hot hardware. ATSC and hardware encoding analog tuning? Where do I sign up — not so fast… sometimes it doesn’t pay to be an early adopter.

The daily tech is reporting that there is a nationwide recall out for the ATI Theater 650

“In what appears to be a quick retail turnaround, ATI has issued a major nationwide recall of its ATI TV Wonder 650 graphics cards. Although details of the recall remain unclear and ATI has not issued official reasons for the recall, several readers have emailed DailyTech noting that the TV Wonder 650 cards have begun disappearing from store shelves.

Retail chains such as Best Buy were the first to take the new cards off store shelves.

Both links found from HTPCnews