Tips for Choosing an Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Posted on 19 February 2018 by sam

Experiencing sexual harassment firsthand is indescribable and can be traumatic. It’s understandable if you’re shocked into a state where you don’t want to talk about it to anyone, but it’s important to understand you haven’t done anything wrong.

When you feel strong enough, you must stand up to your attacker and tell someone what happened. Initially, this can be someone you confide in, like a close friend or family member whom you know will be there to support you. If you’ve been harassed, the attacker must face the consequences of their actions, but they can only do so if you’re brave enough to take him or her to court.

You won’t be able to go through this on your own, especially considering the complex nature of the legal system, but, luckily, help is at hand. By working with a sexual harassment lawyer, together you can reach a positive outcome and potentially receive compensation. A professional will have the tools and resources to guide you to success, but how do you go about selecting the right sexual harassment lawyer for you? A great starting point is conducting a simple online search to discover attorneys in your area. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, typing los angeles sexual harassment lawyer into Google will bring up thousands of results, which lays the foundation for your pursuit.

There are various stages beyond this, where due diligence is required to make an informed decision that could be life changing. Below are some steps to find the perfect sexual harassment lawyer.

Identify Lawyer
One of the first and most important steps is to make sure you’ve shortlisted lawyers who specialize in sexual harassment.  From here, you can determine whether they’ve had success in previous cases and use this as a barometer. Don’t rely too much on advertisements, because an attorney’s credentials are represented by their past history. If they have evidence of previous success in similar cases to yours, you could be onto a winner.

Gather References
Ask friends or family whether they’ve worked with a lawyer before, and if so, ask them to refer you to the lawyer. Regardless of what the lawyer specializes in, the chances are they’ll know someone within their circle who’s suited to your case. Personal references are great in the initial stages, and once you obtain a number, you can ring up to arrange an interview.

Do Research
Look at a firm’s website and gather relevant information. You can assess whether they’re professional, how easy their contact information is to obtain, whether they practice what you’re looking for, and assess the frequently asked questions section.

Make an Appointment
After doing proper research, you can set up an initial consultation with someone you feel comfortable with. It’s important you feel open with the person you choose, because you’re going to reveal personal details to them. Having a rapport with your lawyer can be the difference between success and failure, so you might want to book various appointments so you can make face-to-face judgments. Once you meet up, there are various questions to ask, including testing their credentials and inquiring about the likelihood of success given your details.

Small Business Upgrades

Posted on 12 February 2018 by sam

Your small business is your baby. Your grew it from a tiny seed into a beautiful work of art that is successful and thriving. Owning your small business is wonderful, it’s but also one of the most challenging journey’s you can embark on. There is never a dull moment with your small business. Even when things are running smoothly, there are always ways to improve and constantly grow. That is what this article is about. It is about things you can do right now to go the extra mile. Afterall, you run a great business–your business does not run you. These are simple things that will add value to your business and can help spread the good word about your business even further.

Take Advantage of More Advertising Opportunities

Advertising is one of the most important parts of starting a small business and keeping new customers coming in. Advertising comes in many forms, from billboards, radio ads, newspaper or magazine advertisements, social media, fliers, bumper stickers, coupons, and any other means to visibly get your business out there to the public. If you do some of these avenues of advertising, but not all of them, choose two new ways to advertise and do them. Buy die cut stickers and pass them out, or put them up in places around town where they will be a visible reminder of your business. If you advertise in all of these ways already, make it a goal to learn something new about advertising. Learn a new web technology, like setting up a monthly newsletter or blog to promote your business or learning a new capability within social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While it is important for business owners to think big, advertising in small ways can also go a long way.

Spruce Things Up

When your workspace is a mess, the impression your business puts off is not its best. Whether your business “workspace” is your computer and you need to better organize all those files on your desktop or you have a physical retail store or office, keeping things neat will help your business run more smoothly. For retail space, consider a modular mezzanine–a easy solution for storage when storage space is scarce. Doing a spring cleaning requires time to take everything out, clean the space, and reorganize, but the results are well worth it. When you have more space, there is more space to grow. That is the goal of every small business, right? Do not waste any more time. Get cranking on the simple things you can do to upgrade your small business. 

Introducing Exercise in Your Life

Posted on 09 February 2018 by sam

Exercise is imperative for leading a healthy lifestyle, and it can enhance your life tenfold. Introducing small changes that develop into habits is a great starting point, with longevity as a number one priority. The health benefits of exercise are through the roof, and though the initial obstacle is difficult, once you’ve established an effective exercise routine, it’ll be difficult to believe you ever neglected it.

Here are some tips for introducing exercise in your life.

Move More
An active body is a healthy one. If you move around more during the day, you’ll be fitter, and more inclined to exercise. Walking is a great way to stay active, and you’ll notice with exercise everyday activities become easier. If you adopt a mindset where you constantly remind your body to stay active, your body will respond accordingly. Focus on sitting down less, and if you operate a sedentary job, ensure you take regular breaks to stretch your legs. You can introduce other habits to encourage exercise, like parking a long way from the store so you have to walk further. This will make future workouts easier, and you can gradually increase intensity over time. To enhance your workout, we recommend using supplementary aids like Mesomorph pre-workout. This will help you achieve a desirable outcome.

Discover Your Favorite Exercise
If you commit to an exercise you don’t enjoy, you’ll be less likely to maintain it with a view to the long term. Experiment with different forms of exercise until you find something you enjoy. Get specific, and determine exactly what you like about different sports and activities. If you like exercising alone, running might be your thing, or if you’re more inclined to collaborative exercise, perhaps the gym is for you. Identifying a sport that stimulates you physically and mentally is critical to development.

Limit Alcohol Intake
Alcohol contributes negative calories and can significantly impair your motivation and decision making. One drink can lead to many more, so perhaps avoid drinking during the week. By all means treat yourself at the weekends, but if you feel things are spiraling out of control, it might be best to take action. It’s difficult for individuals to identify their actions, so family members might find an interventionist if things are getting out of hand. This will be for the benefit of the individual even if he or she doesn’t view things that way.

Focus On Health and Shape–Not the Scales
It’s easy to get discouraged when you focus too much on weight loss. Your weight is just one metric, and if you’re gaining muscle then your weight might not move at all. Focus on how your endurance is improving, how your look has enhanced, and take pride in being able to achieve things you couldn’t previously. This is much more important than a number on a scale, and if your body feels great, your mind will follow suit. With time you’ll realize you can achieve more and more, and this is an exhilarating prospect. Your motivations should stretch further than getting skinnier, and as you regularly have more energy your life will be more fulfilling.

Put Yourself First
Stressful situations can lead to you not caring about yourself, and you can even neglect yourself in favor of taking care of others. Commit to exercise, or dedicate additional time to deciphering your diet plan for the week. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to effectively take care of anyone else.

Protecting Your Company from Outside Threats

Posted on 20 January 2018 by sam

Your company does well protecting itself from the inside. Your employees are trusted individuals. You have in-office security measures. Day to day office life is a well-oiled machine, where little goes wrong, HR is in control, and your company is safe from harm.

When it comes to outside threats, however, you need to be prepared for the potential problems your company could be facing. As the world expands, the internet connecting us to millions of possibilities, the face of business changes. New dangers arise in every new era, and we as a culture are experiencing a new, growing era of internet business. As business changes, it’s important for your company to be prepared. Two issues to be aware of, money laundering and data theft, can be prevented if your business prepares in advance.

What is money laundering, and whom does it affect? Money laundering is the process of transforming the profits of crime into ostensibly legal assets. Businesses are prime money laundering venues. If employees or business directors are bribed, businesses can process the illegally gained funds, legitimizing them. Not only does this ruin the reputation of the business, it makes the business complicit. A single employee has the power to run money laundering on the side, through company resources. In order to protect your company, your business needs to be AML complaint. Anti-Money Laundering rules help detect and report suspicious activity, including the predicate offenses to money laundering and terrorist financing, such as market manipulation and securities fraud. Talk to an AML Compliance Solutions company to get started.

Another threat facing businesses, as the internet swells, is data theft. Sensitive information, if leaked, could end up on the web and seem impossible to get down. Hiring a data protection company will alleviate this threat, as data protection companies now protect your information across the internet. Without even needing access to your original data, a data protection company will alert you if your information shows up online. In the event of an incident, they offer immediate next-steps to help recover your information.

It’s important to realize the many potential dangers facing your company and to take action against them. Both a data leak and an exposed money laundering scheme have the potential to take your business down, and you need to be prepped against such an outcome. Qualified companies will make the process of bolstering your business easier, so you can feel prepared against possible threats. As the world becomes more complex, due to internet expansion and the potential for communication, it’s important to be ready for the dangers this new world brings. Your business can rest in peace once you know you’re armored against new dangers in a brave new world.

Navigating Life After Graduation

Posted on 09 January 2018 by sam

So you’ve spent the last four or so years in college, studying up on something you love. Now you’re looking at graduation and life after college. It’s a daunting prospect, but it’s a challege hundreds of thousands of people take on every year and survive. And congratulations! You’re about to have a degree!

Landing a job

If you aren’t coming out of school with a job, don’t be afraid of taking on those applications! You might look for something right in your desired career field, or you may take a year to work in a different job and save up money. Remember, you’ve been trained in something specific; you know what you’re doing. You don’t have to apply for a job right in your exact field; sometimes simply having a college degree will give you a leg up, especially in office work or retail. The worst thing that can happen is that you just won’t get hired–and that won’t be the end of the world. The more you practice applying and interviewing, the more comfortable and skilled you will become. And once you get that job, remember that you don’t have to be immediately perfect–or ever completely perfect, for that matter.

You may also want to invest in necessary equipment to work your job. If you’re a freelance writer or photographer, get a top-of-the-line computer or camera and any necessary. Of course, you don’t need to bankrupt yourself over your products, either. You can find a generic electronics company that will offer you high-quality products for less. You can make these essential investments without breaking the bank.

A new living situation

Odds are you’ll be moving somewhere and finding a new living situation. Start doing research now, so that you understand the terminology and strategies for finding a new living place. You’re probably not going to be buying a house just yet, but you might be renting one or renting an apartment, and it’s just good to know all those terms anyway. Assess what you can afford. Take a look at your expected salary and budget accordingly. Remember to budget for utilities, phone bills, and groceries! Start familiarizing yourself with the prices in the area you’ll be living in. If you think you’ll need a roommate, use a trusted roommate-finding service, and always ask for references. In order to get a lease, you’ll need a strong credit score or a cosigner. Use a credit calculator to see where you measure up, or ask your parents if they will cosign for you.

You’ll also need to adjust to a new neighborhood or town, especially if you’re moving for a job or to find a job in your dream location. First off, you should probably find medical and financial providers. As you make new friends, ask whom they use. Learn about the ratings, expertise, and other reviews of that service. Look for a clinic that ranks along the lines of this cancer care center in Maryland. You can easily do this by doing a Google search or using a review service such as Yelp or Angie’s List. Go to the provider websites themselves to see what training and accolades the team has. For medical care, make sure to check if the clinic takes your insurance.

When it comes to banking, if you think you might be moving around a lot, it might be worth it to get a bank account and establish an account with a larger bank and pharmacy. This way, your finances and prescriptions and other such needs will be easily accessible to you wherever you go. Of course, if you think you will plan to move somewhere permanently, it’s always a good choice to help out the local economy by using a locally-owned service. Be sure to start establishing yourself with these places now. You might go ahead and open a new bank account, and you should set up an appointment with a doctor; specialist appointments and even routine checkups can take on average 24 days to schedule.

Updating the office

Posted on 19 December 2017 by sam

Studies suggest that a well-designed office can increase employee productivity and company earnings. Transform your office space into a place where you and your fellow employees feel welcomed, at home, and within reach of any resources you need to accomplish your best work.


With any business, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the technology that allows your company to provide your strongest service or product. Do research into the top software management systems for your business sector. Be sure to spend the time working with experts on installing these programs and getting them going. In the Digital Age, having top-of-the-line software, especially within tertiary industry, is essential for any competitive business. In addition to updating all office computers with essential word processors, databases, and web browsers, make certain that all employees have access the specific programs your company uses–and that they know how to work those programs.

Electric and air

Inside the office, it’s important that everything’s functioning correctly. Are all electrical systems up-to-date, and do you have a go-to repair team? This may be the ideal time to redesign your whole system for better efficiency and function–especially if you have a business that relies heavily upon a power source! Updating the office is also prime time to check out air quality. If you have any major sources of air pollution around, such as asbestos, gas stoves, or carbon monoxide, do your best to remove the source. If you can’t do that, take a look at ventilation systems. When it’s warmer outside, opening the windows and doors to allow fresh air and light in is the optimal choice! Consider air filtration systems or cleaners, as well as ventilation systems that have filters. The best cleaners will have high circulation rates and efficient collectors and filters, which catch particles in the air.


Outsourcing certain tasks is a great strategy for small or new businesses looking to save time and money.Outsourcing will help you focus your limited time on what you’re passionate about with your business. One of the first tasks any expert recommends outsourcing is infrastructure. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the top way to manage what can be a highly complicated system. Infrastructure requires costly and expert equipment, setup, and maintenance. And outsourced IaaS owns the equipment, runs it, and troubleshoots it, so that you and your team can focus on the product, rather than on maintaining a complicated system. Outsourcing IaaS could save you millions of dollars.

You might also consider cloud hosting. The cloud allows a company to access all information from any place, but it can be expensive to do in-house, and the technology has to be constantly updated. Hiring an outside cloud host can help you store all your information and save you time and money since you don’t have to buy equipment or your own servers Other third-parties help you utilize your own equipment in their facilities.

Yes, That IS a Job You Can Have

Posted on 15 December 2017 by sam

Sometimes we hear successful people in the arts say something like, “I had no idea I could actually get a job as an actor!” They’re not the only ones. There are plenty of people out there who have hobbies and passions that they never consider as a possible career–because they don’t know that these hobbies and passions can be careers. There’s a whole job market out there beyond marketing, accounting, retail, etc.

Whether you’re about to be in college, or you are someone looking for a career change, consider the fact that you can get training and work in just about any area. So take a long and hard look at what you love most. Go for it. The opportunities are out there.

If you like reading, art, history

The humanities and liberal arts are a rewarding field to go into. They don’t always pay the most, but there are plenty of stable careers out there. Liberal arts colleges offer areas of study such as history, literature, creative writing, and philosophy. These are great baseline majors for people wanting to go into editing, teaching (at any level), and even law. You may need to go on to get a master’s degree in these areas to forward your career. If you already have an undergraduate degree, consider getting a graduate degree in a liberal arts field. You may only need to take one or two prerequisites to be ready to take on something you love. Additionally, if you have proficiency in a foreign language, look into a career as a translator or interpreter–who knows, you could end up working for the UN!

If you’re more interested in the fine arts, remember, thousands of people are out there pursuing theatre, dance, visual arts, and music. Universities and conservatories offer world-class training in these areas. And there are jobs beyond the “glamorous” ones (which are never actually glamorous). For instance, if you’re organized but love theatre, consider studying stage management or arts administration. Most of the fine arts fields are connected to major unions as well, so once you get really working, you can have reasonable work conditions and benefits.

If you like animals or adventure

There are also tons of careers that will keep you moving at a thrilling pace (although you can definitely have adventures in any of the above careers). If you adore animals, look into studying biology or zoology and aim toward a career working hands-on with animals. There are careers at zoos and even wildlife parks. These jobs can range from solely working and caring for the animals to engaging with both the animals and the people who come to the parks! You don’t have to be a scientist to work at these places, either; lots of them offer tour guide positions for which you just need to be responsible and informed.

If you love travel, there are jobs out there as tourism guides, both stateside and abroad! Luxury travel companies need guides to accompany their tourists. If you are educated about a geographic and cultural area, and if you are organized yet flexible and a fast thinker, you could be a qualified candidate for one of these positions. If you are fluent in another language, you could be a particularly competitive candidate. Just think of it–you could travel to Paris every year and get paid for it!

Of course, all of these jobs require a lot of preparation, education, and hard work. They’re rarely easy or glamorous, but they are fulfilling. The people who pursue these careers are passionate and tenacious. You can be one, too.

Creating a Healthy Business Environment

Posted on 15 December 2017 by sam

The final months of 2017 saw the United States experience a long-overdue reckoning regarding sexual misconduct in the workplace. The dam broke with the allegations of sexual abuse against famed producer Harvey Weinstein. Since then, dozens of other men have been implicated, and a lot of people are wondering who is next. Politicians, businessmen, and even celebrity chefs have been accused of wrongdoing. Good businesses will want to create a healthy environment for their employees. A healthy environment covers a lot more than just the right to not be groped in the break room. It includes things like encouraging your employees to better themselves.

Addressing sexual harassment

Some men have been complaining that they don’t know how to deal with women in light of all these accusations. That’s a bit disingenuous; any man with an ounce of self-awareness knows that there are some things that aren’t kosher in the workplace. You can shake a woman’s hand when you meet her, but you shouldn’t envelop her in a tight hug. A lot of this is common sense stuff. Don’t invade people’s personal spaces without their permission. That being said, now is as good a time as any to remind people of what is and isn’t OK. One way to do this is via sexual harassment preventative courses. Those courses include everything you need to know in one simple and easy-to-digest package. There may be some people who will try to push boundaries of what’s acceptable anyway, but going through the training removes any chance that they can claim plausible deniability. If someone does harass another employee, he or she needs to be dealt with swiftly and promptly. This may not mean the person is fired immediately, but he or she should be told very clearly that such behavior is not acceptable, and that there will be more severe consequences if it continues.

Promoting higher learning

A good boss knows that his or her employees’ lives don’t revolve entirely around the office. A good boss will know that an employee with a sense of balance is more likely to be productive than one who spends sunrise to sunset working inside a cubicle. You can encourage that sense of balance by offering incentives to employees who are interested in seeking more education. There’s a good chance that such education will expand their horizons and help them become better, more productive workers. Is your business figuring out how to accommodate a customer base that is becoming more international? In that case, you should encourage employees to look into obtaining an online international business degree. The economy is becoming more global with each passing year, and there’s no putting that horse back in the barn, regardless of what some politicians might try to tell you. Education is a great way to learn critical thinking skills, and just about every office could use more employees who are good at thinking through things and figuring out solutions to tricky problems. It’s an investment in the future of your company as much as anything else.

West Coast Cool: What’s Happening in Oregon

Posted on 08 December 2017 by sam

Have you ever considered a vacation in the great state of Oregon? As a jewel of the West Coast, Oregon truly has something for everyone. Take off from the metropolitan city of Portland in the morning and you can walk along the Pacific Ocean by the afternoon! If you’re a lucky traveler, bring along a few extra dollars. Gambling is legal in Oregon and offers the finest in gambling entertainment. The culinary scene is quite hot as well. Hip new restaurants offer gourmet food and craft beverages. Whether you’re flying, driving, or even sailing, Oregon is a hit!

If you’re passing through Oregon, make a stop in North Bend. Right on the coast, North Bend is a day’s drive from Portland or Reno. The bustling little village is a traveler’s paradise. Sporting a thriving community, beautiful nature, and a world class casino, Bend showcases some of the best Oregon has to offer. The calm bay waters give way to the salty air of the sea. It truly is an amazing little spot. Spend a night, stop by the casino, and try your luck.

There’s nothing quite like the sound of slot machines spinning mixed with the joyous laughter of a big win! Casinos aren’t places to make money, they’re places that allow you to dream big. If you enjoy the thrill of a roulette wheel or high stakes card games, you’ll have an absolute blast. One awesome perk to visiting a new casino: player rewards. Most all casinos show their appreciation through a player reward system. Signup is free and you can walk out with some great prizes! Learn a new game or play an old favorite. Either way, you’re going to have a great time.

After you’ve enjoyed the salty air of the coast, head up to Portland. If you love a good beer, Portland is the town for you. It seems like everywhere you go now, a new brewery has popped up. Portland is quite fortunate, the beer scene isn’t limited to specific neighborhoods. What would you do if you were a Portland beer distributor? If your answer is “find the best beer in the world!” then you’d be correct! With its close proximity to Canada and Asia, you can find delicious beers from around the globe. With new beers released nearly everyday, the opportunities are nearly endless.

It’s clear to see just how cool Oregon is. If you’re needing a break from the mundane, take a voyage out to the great state of Oregon. No matter your interest, you’ll find something amazing. Have a day at the casino and win big. Take a hike to an amazing waterfall. Watch the sunset with a unique beer. A cruise down the backroads can take you from ocean to forest in just half a day. When you’re in Oregon, you’ll be sure to have great times and make some long lasting friends.

Proper Cable Organization is The Key to Safety and Success

Posted on 08 December 2017 by sam

Picture a mess of confusing cables running in every direction. There’s a blue cable  intersecting with a black one; a green cable disappears as you search for a red one. Trying to find where one cable begins and where another ends is a terrible maze! Tangled and loose cables are not only annoying, they’re a safety hazard as well. Cables on the floor are a trip hazard, cables hanging in the air are even more dangerous. If your business or hobby utilizes a system with multiple cables, keeping them neat and organized is absolutely essential.

Whatever type of cable you’re using–whether fiber optic or mechanical–organization is the key to a safe operation. Here’s an easy solution: House your cables together in a group. While electrical tape or flexible ties can be suitable for some cable types, a perforated metal tube provides the clarity and flexibility to run your operation flawlessly. The ability to see your cables through the housing gives you the ability to make certain each one is functioning properly.

Are you looking for a simple idea to safely organize your mechanical cables? As you know, these types of cables need a bit of leeway when operating. The movement from one input to the other causes the cable to move around, you’ll need to account for this. Simply taping the cables together won’t work. By housing your group in a flexible metal tube, you’ll find peace of mind in safety. Once you’ve completed your organizational setup, consider building custom cables for your newly optimized project.

Tangled cables lead to lost productivity. Time spent re-arranging a mess is time sacrificed in the work day. Need to rearrange your shop? Do you travel with a hobby project? When your cable system is housed together, you increase your productivity.

Imagine a client comes to your shop. Are your cables safely and neatly organized? Do your cables follow a set path? Organized cable systems present a professional and clean look for your business.

Consider the following example: a group of high school seniors consistently travel to robotics competitions. They’ve built a beautiful machine, owing its performance to mechanical cables and high technology. When they travel with their robot, it must be disassembled and rebuilt at each stop. They run their cables through perforated metal tubing, ensuring not only a clean look but a highly functional one as well. When they reach their destination, setup is a breeze. Their success as a team is directly linked to properly organized cables.

A clean and organized look speaks volumes about your endeavor. Don’t ignore the pressing need to keep your cables organized. With a streamlined system, you’ll find that a little time and a small investment in metal tubing will only lead to satisfaction. Don’t let a tangled cable setup steal any of your precious productivity. The solution is simple and clear. When combined, safety and productivity take your business to heights unknown. Keep those cable setups neat and clean. You’ll be glad you did.