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Avermedia UltraTV 1500MCE Review

Posted on 17 December 2004 by

TV Harmony just posted a Review of the Avermedia UltraTV 1500MCE . The AverMedia UltraTV 1500MCE sports an MPEG-2 encoder, which is key (to be considered a viable DIY DVR option, IMHO).

“Competition is a great thing for consumers and good example of this is the battle being waged in the video capture card market. Both Hauppauge and AverMedia have released sub-$100 MPEG2 Encoder cards to the market this year, and at a $70 street price, the Hauppauge 150MCE and the AverMedia UltraTV 1500MCE both give the consumer a lot of bang for their buck. I had a chance to try the AverMedia UltraTV 1500MCE, and I found it to be a great value.”