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BeyondTV 4 HDTV Sneak Screenies!

Posted on 11 October 2005 by

A SnapStream developer posted some sneak preview images of BeyondTV 4 on Slashdot/Flickr

Main Menu – This shot shows of the new theme for BTV 4. Please note that the red bar color itself is likely to change. Its currently a hot topic on the beta forums for some reason.

Library Information Screen – A really useful screen that you can do compression to divx, copying, playback, and browse information about your recorded shows.

Time-Shift Dock – This is the control panel that you can use while
watching tv to pause, stop, rewind, record, and back-capture tv. My appologies for having to use static. Don’t want to get sued here.

Transparent Guide = The transparent guide allows you to browse through whats on without ever having to stop viewing what you are watching. Very
nifty feature. Once again, sorry about the static.

There are also some interesting information about HDTV and OTA HDTV support as well as some more screenies in the latest SnapStream BeyondTV 4 HDTV primer part 3 posted over in the snapstream blog.