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BeyondTV 4.2 released

Posted on 27 March 2006 by

Beyond TV 4.2 was released last Friday. Beyond TV 4.2’s new features include:

– Record On Any Channel allows scheduling a show to be recorded on any channel that it airs on.
– Added statistics page at statistics page (login required)
(Note: To participate in this data collection, choose to “Enable advanced features” in the installer or “SnapsStream.NET Settings-> Enable Advanced Features” in the Web Admin.)
– Faster and more reliable guide updates
– Enhanced Firefly Mini support in Beyond TV Link
– Added Transport Stream Resolution to the Full Screen Theater Improvements
– Reduced memory usage when “Smartchaptering” ATSC recordings.
– Expand “Padding” option to allow for ten minutes

You can download Version 4.2 (update) here: BeyondTV 4.2 update download

More info about the Beyond TV 4.2 release, in this