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BeyondTV 4.5 DVD Burning Plugin & More

Posted on 17 November 2006 by

As promised the other day Snapstream releases BeyondTV 4.5 with DVD burning plugin

First, we just began shipping Beyond TV 4.5, a free update for anyone that owns the full version of Beyond TV 4. Like point releases before it, Beyond TV 4.5 contains a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Here’s a link to the easy DVD burning plugin page.

…and embedded in Beyond TV 4.5 is an optional and exciting new feature — integrated DVD burning. The new DVD Burning Plug-in makes it easy to burn DVDs of your recorded TV shows and movies. Just pop a DVD into your burner, add videos to the DVD in Beyond TV and then click “Burn DVD.” It just works.

One last note: The Snapstream Store has a PVR150 MCE & BeyondTV 4.5 bundle for $99.95 with FREE shipping which is a pretty good way to get your PVR setup on the cheap with an existing PC. (looks like you can also get a free FireFly remote with that bundle through 11/21/06 )