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BeyondTV RC 4.61 Has Unencrypted QAM Support

Posted on 26 March 2007 by

W00t! BeyondTV Release Candidate 4.61 has unencrypted QAM support and they could use your hand testing it.

That’s awesome! I’m totally getting an HDhomerun now.

For those that are saying “Unencrypted QAM, huh? What?!” You cable company often provides local HD channels that aren’t “scrambled” and a QAM enable ATSC/HDTV tuner can decode the digital signal and you can record/watch local HDTV channels.

This doesn’t help with pay HDTV channels like ESPN, HBOHD, HDNET, etc… you’d need a cablecard for that, but it’s still handy if you like HD content but are on a budget 🙂