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Bittorrent, RSS, TorrentTV quasi-PVR

Posted on 16 November 2004 by

How to Never Miss An Episode With Bittorent and RSS has gotten a lot of attention lately (so much it’s monthly bandwith allocation is shot) So here’s the Google cache of “How to Never Miss An Episode With Bittorent and RSS”

It’s an interesting read and a neat approach to PVRing without the PVR STB or PC PVR tuner/encoder…

Although with the MPAA breathing down p2p file sharer’s necks that could crimp those who would be willing to share shows normally… maybe that’s why there’s such a need for a bounty for a secure, yet easy to use gaim filesharing plugin

seems like advertisers are looking at p2p as a new untapped market, funny how that works.

read more for copy of original bit torrent RSS article.

How to never miss an episode with BitTorrent and RSS

In this post you will learn how you can never miss an episode of
your favorite shows ever again. This will be accomplished through the
magic of BitTorrent and RSS.

I’m bad at watching TV. I always miss my favorite shows like The
West Wing and Enterprise. I can never remember when they’re on and when
I do, they’re already three-quarters through. My solution thus far has
been to go to Suprnova and download
the torrent. This, of course, requires that I remember that to do that,
and then I have to wait three hours. Wouldn’t it be better if the
morning after the show aired a high quality copy of the show sat
sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to watch it? The answer is yes,
yes it would.

The are many solutions to this problem, but this is how I do it.
Basically what’s happening is that the BT client checks an RSS feed for
torrents that match certain criteria. When it detects those criteria,
it begins to download the torrent. The result is something like TiVo,
but free.

The how-to:

  1. You will need to use Azureus. It’s a pretty good BT client and I’d recommend using it anyway. It is a Java application and works on most platforms.
  2. You will also need the RSS Import
    plugin for Azureus. Installing it is a matter of dragging the unzipped
    folder into the plugins folder in your Azureus directory and restarting
  3. In Azureus, go into the preferences and expand the plugins tab. Choose RSS Importer.
  4. Check the Activate RSS Importer Plugin box.
  5. Enter as the RSS Channel to import.
  6. In the next text box, Filter …, enter a regular expression that
    matches the name of torrent of the the show you want to download. A
    quick guide to the kinds of regular expressions that are expected here
    is provided on the RSS Import page. For The West Wing, for example, I put in west.wing.*hdtv — which means download any file that include the letters west, followed by any single character, followed by the letters wing, followed by number of characters, followed by the letters hdtv, to make sure I get the HDTV version and not the VCD version. For multiple shows, separate them with a semi-colon, so west.wing.*hdtv;enterprise.*hdtv would download The West Wing and Enterprise.
  7. Under Recheck channels… I would recommend putting in 60, so as not
    to bombard the TV Torrents server with more requests than necessary.
  8. And you’re set. Don’t worry about the other options. Now you just
    have to wait for the next episode to air. You should have it in your
    downloads folder the next day.

And now you never have to worry about re-runs again