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Blinds Vs Curtains: The Rise of Blinds

Posted on 27 March 2018 by sam

So you’ve just finished decorating your home, and you’re thinking about the finishing touches. Small additions will help you create an aesthetically pleasing setup that you can be proud to call home. One of the biggest decisions at this stage is the age old dilemma: blinds or curtains?

There are various options to consider, including different colors, patterns, and fabrics. It’s not an easy decision, because you probably want to marry practicality with something that’s visually appealing. By thinking wisely about what’s best, you can achieve a whole new feel in your room. It’s a decision you need to get right, despite how unimportant it may initially seem.

To help you make an informed decision, this article will objectively assess what you can achieve with curtains, before moving onto the pros of blinds.


A grand set of curtains can add a touch of luxury to any room. They have been around for centuries, and they serve a practical purpose, while simultaneously looking great. With high-quality curtains, you can effectively block out pesky drafts, which helps create a comfortable, cozy environment. Curtains also make your room look less bare, adding depth and volume to rooms in which they’re prominently featured. Curtains are useful for blocking out light, as well; however, their inability to fit snugly on a window allows light to sneak through when you’re trying to achieve darkness. In addition to keeping out drafts, curtains also help keep heat in during cold weather, acting as an insulation layer.

The Rise of Blinds

Blinds offer several benefits that curtains don’t. There are various styles to choose from, so you can select a design that suits the theme of your room. The myriad of options ensures that you can find something that complements your interior.

There are various types to consider, as well, including roller and vertical style blinds. The former is a great choice for bathrooms, and the latter is ideal for conservatives. You can mix and match, also, depending on your preference, and give blinds a test run before reaching a final decision. If you’re wondering where you can get the best deals, there are various cheap blinds online that you can find with a simple Google search. There are blinds suitable for any property type, especially residential and commercial structures.

If you’re intrigued by the concept of blinds, you might be interested in learning about plantation shutters. These are comprised of wood slats mounted in a solid wooden frame. They serve a similar purpose to blinds, but they are maneuvered by operating a tilt rod in the middle of the shutter, rather than pull cords. They’re slightly more expensive than blinds, but they can be customized according to your preferences. Exactly how much do custom plantation shutters cost? Don’t worry; they’re only marginally more expensive than blinds, and they allow you to fill your window space with greater ease. You can find a price option that suits your budget by researching online before shopping.

Above everything else, blinds function effectively. You can control the amount of light entering a room with venetian blinds, which offer an unprecedented level of privacy. If you want a total blackout, blinds can block unwanted light completely, unlike many types of curtains. Blinds are timeless, because they’re less likely to go out of fashion. Their simplicity and durability will withstand the test of time, yet remain easy to maintain. Blinds also block out drafts completely, providing ultimate coverage, and the perfect insulator.

Still on the Fence?

If you’re still uncertain, roman blinds are a nice, happy medium. Although they are still classed as blinds, they are cut from fabric to offer the same feel as curtains. They bring warmth to a room, without the cold, metallic feel of some styles of blinds. They’re also a less expensive alternative to curtains, which is perfect if you’re buying on budget.