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Broadcast Flag is back… Unfortunately

Posted on 21 June 2005 by

Saw a blurb over on Engadget… Sounds like the MPAA is taking a page from the Real ID Act’s book (CNet Article, ZDNet, unRealID) and get its Broadcast Flag Bill passed through on an appropriations bill. Click over to the EFF Home page to read more about the Broadcast Flag. (Also read their news blurb) Join the fight to stop it. I already filled mine out to let my reps know how I feel. It could definately destroy (if enforced) our little hobby of building custom home made PVRs.

For those of you that don’t know, the broadcast flag will be tacked on to any and ALL digital TV transmissions and ALL hardware will be required by FCC mandate to recieve and obay the flag. It will copy protect, and prohibit time shifting TV, among many, many other things.

Slashdot coverage

UPDATE Looks like they had 2nd thoughts and did NOT add the amendment to sneak in the Broadcast flag (yet?)

THOMAS, one of the best sources for Congressional action on the Internet has shown that no amendments occured to the CJS Appropriations Bill. Monday, Slashdot covered the EFF announcing a rumor that a senator was attempting to sneak an amendment to bring the Broadcast Flag into law.

From THOMAS (scroll down to the bottom): “6/21/2005: Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies. Approved for full committee consideration without amendment favorably.” Translation: No one attempted to sneak the Broadcast flag into law.”