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Broadcast HDTV quality compared

Posted on 24 January 2007 by

Network HDTV Quality Tested

“The State of the Union address last night was a snoozer, but we HDTV gearheads had fun jumping between the networks, checking out which net was able to deliver the best HDTV signal from lens to screen. This was a notable occasion, because all the networks were using precisely the same feed—the same cameras, same everything—where the only difference was between the Capitol pool feed and the viewer.

We took an HD gander at NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and HDNet, to see who delivered the crispiest, most colorful and most gorgeous HDTV signal of all.”

this is another pet peeve of mine (besides DRM, arg!) HDTV content that’s handled poorly or compressed down somewhere along the chain… (either that or my TV is a PoS!)