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Build a $300 HDTV Media Extender

Posted on 15 September 2006 by

ZDNET blog article on building a HDTV media extender for $300 using linux/mythtv as a client.

HDTVs are getting cheaper especially when you’re talking about older close out models that they’re becoming very common in the home. Personal video storage on a home network is also getting very popular but getting that video to the HDTV isn’t easy without paying for an expensive and extremely limited function HD media extender appliance. But with a little spare time and some cheap commodity PC hardware you can build a superior HDTV media extender that can easily be upgraded to a full fledged media center machine for $300.

It’s also the perfect lead in to point out 2n’s thrifty ($200) PVR configuration: pvr150 + MediaMVP + GBPVR