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Building a Linux PVR, Part 2 Enter The KnoppMyth

Posted on 16 September 2004 by

What, is today Anandtech news post day?

They’ve posted part 2 of their comparisons between Microsoft Media Center Edition 2004 and MythTV. This time they are trying KnoppMyth.

Some highlights (via TV Harmony ):

* MythTV does a better job compressing video recordings (in XVID format) and using disk space.
* MCE has tighter integration with the OS such as recording things in the background while you use another app in the foreground
* MythTV has more support for different hardware like capture cards, etc. and was impressive in utilizing the CPU to record on cheaper capture cards, transcode and compress files in the background, etc
* MCE is easier to install considering it comes bundled with hardware right out of the box
* MCE has integration with services like Video on Demand from Movielink
* MythTV is not shackled to DRM and copyright protections so things can be duplicated, burned, transfered, or used in any way the user sees fit
* MCE does a better job playing DVDs