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BYO-DRM; Microsoft on OPM (Output Protection Management)

Posted on 28 July 2005 by

This may not be what many of you consider ‘PVR News’ but I do believe that DRM is extremely relevant to building your own PVR. Strolling along over at engadget I found a little contest that they are having for “The Clicker.” If you can come up with the best design for DRM, then you win a prize! Although I do not agree with most of what’s going on with DRM, I do believe that it needs to be there. So, think up something better! From the post:

After column upon column of “DRM is evil” talk, it’s time to take the matter into our own hands. It’s your turn to suggest a DRM scheme you’d be willing to live with. To that end we’re giving away an iZon Bluetooth MP3 player to the person with the most interesting comment in this thread*. Let us know how you would balance the rights of all parties involved. Just how do you think this whole crazy thing should work?

Key words: Balance the rights of all parties involved.

Also, Microsoft responds to OPM controversy. This is definitely relevant to BYOPVR. Basically, if your monitor/TV doesn’t support this new standard, then you either won’t get to watch protected content at all, or you will get a very low quality image.

Basically, Microsoft believes they stand merely as the platform provider, and with OPM they’re merely giving the studios the software support for what said content providers believe is required in order to secure their product from theft. So ok, it’s fair enough for MS to say OPM still leaves it “up to ‘the market’” to determine what’s viable to the consumer. Sorry though, but we still have to call BS on it.

Microsoft and the other big companies holding all the cards on your personal hardware and media can’t be good. This appears to be the wave of the future however. Hopefully it will be toned down a bit.