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BYOPVR in Computer Shopper: Media Center DIY Edition

Posted on 22 June 2005 by

CNET/Computer Shopper has a pretty cool Windows MCE 2005 how-to article entitled Media Center: DIY Edition — You don’t have to settle for a preconfigured PC to enjoy the benefits of the latest Media Center Edition OS. Here’s how to custom-build your own rig.

When Microsoft released its Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) operating system, it made it clear the only way to get the OS was with a new PC. Through a loophole in its agreement, however, sellers who are considered PC builders, such as, can offer the latest version of the OS to end users as long as they buy it with a piece of hardware—even if it’s just a $10 cable.

This is great news for do-it-yourselfers who desire MCE’s pleasing interface and control over all their digital media in a PC built to their exact specifications. If you’re one of them, this project’s for you. Component by component, we tell you exactly what you need to build an MCE PC.

The Computer Shopper article gets extra “street cred” for including a link back to BYOPVR, and even listed BYOPVR in the July 2005 print edition of the article as an online resource. I believe that’s our first major print magazine site mention. I love it when the site gets recognized in other articles (online or print)!

PCAlchemy also gets some ink in the Sample Media Center Configuration, which should be handy guide for those of you with “what case and motherboard should I get” type questions.