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BYOPVR PVR Project Examples

Posted on 16 September 2004 by

I just noticed that steve525 posted lengthy description of his 466Mhz SageTV PVR350 PVR (and an update) in the user journal / blog section. So it’s not just Lowbrow pouring out the gory details of his homebrew PVR in the blog section.

Also of note: Mack posted a blow by blow of his $425 dollar home-built PVR in the byopvr main forum

Thanks to Lowbrow, Mack, & Steve525 for taking the time to share their trials, tribulations, and experiences so we can learn right along with them (then do the similiar projects quicker, cheaper, and easier muhahahahhaha) =)

One more project to scope out is ken’s (not our kenn) wintv go and media mvp PVR project at his (offsite) blog