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BYOPVR’r G808’s BeyondTV Setup Featured on SnapStream Blog

Posted on 28 August 2006 by

Prolific byopvr forum poster g808’s BeyondTV based home theater configuration was recently featured on the SnapStream blog under his other very apt pseudonym “btvfreak”

I see btvfreak’s posts on our forums all the time, but I guess I never took the time to actually click on the links in his sig. Tonight I did and I was extremely impressed with his Beyond TV setup… and how thoroughly he’s documented all the details on his blog.

We start by checking out btvfreak’s Beyond TV server, with what looks like 3 HDTV TV tuners and 3 analog TV tuners. Not bad. Then, we move on to his living room and bedroom setups. Both are outfitted with quiet, attractive looking HTPC cases running Beyond TV Link.

Finally, checkout btvfreak’s home theater setup, complete with 46″ TV, an HTPC running Beyond TV Link and Beyond Media and a good ‘ol xbox.